Saturday, March 29, 2008

Career change

Being the father of a little girl has gotten me into the parenting habit in which I'm not sure of how I'll be as a father to a son. I'm always kissing and hugging and cuddling with my daughter. Do I do the same with a son? I guess, but I just feel like it will be weird. Also having a daughter has taught me a lot about women and girls that I didn't know before. Such as how to style hair. I must say I'm pretty awesome at it...

still a little shaggy in the front though....


Have you ever seen a more finely crafted hairstyle? (Or a girl so consumed with Mickey Mouse that she would let me mess with her like this?)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I feel like I should write something since it's been a week and a half, but I got nothing.

I've been sick for a month now.

My SIL is in the hospital still. Hanging in there.

Kym hasn't gained enough weight in her pregnancy so the doctors are worried. She has an unltrasound next week. We're not too worried. (I'll post belly pics on the baby blog soon)

Work is busy. Recently got my highest annual raise ever. Do you think there's a coorelation between my current job successes and my weekly post vs. my past not-too-successful work successes and my twice daily posting?

Baseball starts in 4 days!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I ain't got 90 days

We just got back from the hospital. My sister-in-law is a week less pregnant than Kym. 27 or so weeks. On Thursday she was having bleeding so she went to the hospital. The told her she'd have to stay overnight, then it was until Saturday, now it's until she gives birth. They're hoping it won't come early, so she's going to be in the hospital for the next 13 weeks. It's a very tough situation. They have a 2 year old daughter and all the responsibilities will be on my brother. It's just tough all around. She's got a grocery bag full of DVD's, and she'll probably subscribe to the big brother live feeds. But 13 weeks in a hospital bed (she's not allowed to walk to anywhere except the bathroom) is BRUTAL. Send good thoughts their way if you make any.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

What should we name our son?

We took just about the least popular name on the last poll. So, what will it be this time?