Tuesday, September 07, 2010

After 17 days out of work

I'm like Jack in LOST. I need to go back. I don't like this world.

Monday, June 21, 2010


My best friend died today. My best friend from high school more specifically. We played basketball everyday. We inspired each other to play better, to jump higher, to dunk. We played video games until 5am. I brought him on family vacations. We had more fun than you can imagine. We got in more trouble than you can imagine. I grew out of it. He did not. He became an alcoholic and could not stop. He had a son 6 months ago and could not stop. I don't even know how or why he died right now, but he is gone.

Imagine he biggest asshole you ever met and times it by ten. That was Lenny. Imagine the funniest person you ever met and times it by ten. That was Lenny. Imagine the best friend you ever had and times it by ten....

You think of someone and the dominate thought is that of alcoholism. I can't help but think that. But right now I think of the time in high school that he came to the shore with me. In about 3 minutes he convinced two girls we met to meet in the beach at 3am that night. They actually did. And we actually were sober for a change, making out with these girls under an astoroid shower until 5am when my parents noticed we were gone and found us walking home. We had to weed the entire beach property the next day as punishment. We could have cared less. The price of a good clean time as high schoolers.

I could tell a million other stories. My parents could tell many of those same stories, which ended much worse than two kids picking weeds. As a parent I know I will end up telling a lot of bad stories about my kids, but I pray there is never a story that ends up like Lenny's story has ended. I love you brother.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The trail I run on is about 10 feet wide with a short fence on each side. There are often deer just on the other side of the fence, but today when I was running there was a deer in the middle of the trail. As I got closer and closer it looked at me with no intention of moving. I got closer and closer and he/she just stared at me. I veered to the far side of the trail, and just kept running. About 3 feet from the deer. So, this makes me question: Why the hell do hunters feel the need to hide in trees to shoot these stupid things?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Snip, Snip

About a month ago I had a vascetomy, so I figure I'd share the delightful experience. After much discussion and hearing a bit too much screaming and crying over the past few years, Kym and I decided we're done with kids. We love the ones we got and we don't need to add anymore madness to our lives. We went to the Dr., watched an awesome 80s film on the topic, and was scheduled for the procedure about two weeks later. Faster than we thought it would be, but we felt ready to make the step.

The appointment comes and I'm called back to the room. I was given the option to have Kym come in with me, but I declined, knowing she'd put some last minute thoughts in my head and I wouldn't get it done. So, I strip my pants off and lie totally uncomfortably back on the table. I hear some activity, then, whoa, the nurse is rubbing me down with some sanitary stuff. She then very carefully encases my nutsack in four pieces of operating paper stuff and tells me to not touch anything down there and walks out of the room. I'm left there for at least 10-15 minutes, unable to put my arms below my waist and regretting everything about the experience. Then the doc comes in and does his thing. There was a small pinch, then about 20 minutes of uncomfortable tugging and utter and complete awkwardness.

I go home, put ice on my balls, and look up stories of vascetomey regret on the internet. After a few days the hardcore pain went away, as did the regret. I'm now 4 weeks post procedure and I still don't feel 100%. I've talked to several people who were back to normal in a few days, but I've got lingering random pain in the nuts. It's annoying, but I'm told it will eventually go away. My superpowers will return to me before long.