Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My life is sooooo exciting.

Don't you get sick of coming to my blog and not seeing an update? I know I do.

Heroes is now officially better than Lost.

The Sarah Silverman Program is in the top 3 sitcoms on tv. (The Office, 30 Rock, TSSP)

I have to go to bowling league for Kym tonight. Tonight will be about the 5th time I go for her this bowling season (sept-now). My average is around 160, which is up 30 pins from last year, which makes no sense because I only bowl once a month. I do watch it on tv sometimes though, so I guess that's how I got better. Kinda like how I got really good in bed by watching porn.

A few weeks ago my bloglines account lost all the links I had. I was annoyed and not about to fix it. I still go back every few days to see if it self corrected. I know all the blogs I read are still on my sidebar, but I'm too lazy to click them to see if they're updated. If you've update since around Halloween time, let me know. I'll try to read your blog before Easter. Unless you don't celebrate Easter. Then you're going to burn in hell so I can't like your blog anyway.


Brookelina said...

I'm so disappointed in Lost ...I can't even talk about it. Thank God for 24.

Chuck said...

Yeah Bubba...I actually started blogging again about a month ago. Now I know why I haven't seen you around...and why I haven't seen my link back on your blog roll.

Porn has made my sex life worse. I just can't get my wife to contort like those chicks do in the talkies.

Tim said...

brook - the switch to 10pm pisses me off because the show's only getting worse and it being on that late makes me not want to watch.

chuck - I still can't get on your blog from work. It's blocked for content reasons. You scumbag!

Chuck said...

That's what I get for running a porn site and charging $24.99 a month! Motherfrig! lol

Leezer said...

www.leezer.wordpress.com UPDATE ME ON YOUR LINK!!!!

In other news, you bowl like I golf. I do a best ball once a year and hit the ball like a guy. If I think about it too much, it screws me up then I hit the ball like a girl. So I don't think about it.

Lost? I used to watch it, now I'm just LOST!

Burfica said...

I've updated, but I don't know if I'm one of your links anymore *sigh*

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

I don't celebrate Easter since I'm not Christian but I do celebrate Spring holidays like Beltane. Does that work, too?

Man Lost is so overrated.

As always, it makes me smile to be listed on your blog. :)

Conti said...

You're forgetting It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's Top 3.

Think Frustrated said...

I'm obsessed with Heroes. I told my wife that, if she died over a weekend, we'd have to hold off the funeral and wake until after Monday. I was serious.

Also, 30 Rock is great.

"You're wearing a tuxedo?"
"Lemon, it's after 6; what am I, a farmer?"

HappyKap said...

Heroes is one of my reasons to live. Or at least get me out of bed.

I frickin' love Tina Fey.