Monday, September 19, 2011

It can't all be wedding cake

Yesterday I ran the best race of my life. A half marathon that I ran 8 minutes faster than I ever have before. I'm still kind of on an emotional high about it.

Tomorrow could be one of the longest days of my life. Kym will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her parotid gland. She/we will be detailing her journey here

Praying for a full recovery.


Melissa said...

All your talking about running and all the running I've been doing has deluded me into deciding to run the Austin half marathon in February. I've already instructed James to note you in my obituary as an enabler.

Sending good thoughts and prayers to Kym tomorrow!!!

Kristine said...

Best to your wife!

Kym said...

haha, awesome Melissa! And thanks

K - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Much love (from the artist formerly known as Lulu) to you and Kym and the little ones. Thinking of your guys and hoping for a speedy and complete recovery that's as comfortable as possible. :)

Tim said...

thanks Charlie/Lulu! Shes doing well so far.