Sunday, November 06, 2011

Marathon goals

Two weeks out from the marathon, so I think it's time to set goals for myself.

A+ goal: 1) Stay mentally light the entire race.  26.2 miles of having fun running.  Having fun for me means going fast, and going fast easily.  Never stressing about a split, but knowing the splits are where I'd like them to be.  2) under 3:09:59

B+ Goal: 1)Stay mentally light for as long as possible  Push through the wall.  Finish hard. 2) 3:15

B goal: Stay focused the entire race.  Finish under 3:20

C goal: Under 3:25

D goal: Under 3:30

F goal:  1) Don't get taken away in an ambulance 2) Don't fall on ice/curbs/stray racoons.  3)  Don't cry out of disappointment.

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