Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Running Rambling

On June 11th I printed out a 14 week plan to train for the Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 marathon). I wasn't exactly dedicated, but I completed all of my weekend long runs. 7 miles turned to 8, which turned to 9. The first week of August I decided to switch to a 16 week marathon plan to match up with the Philadelphia marathon in November. The daily run dedication still struggles, but the weekend runs have also kept up. Those 9 milers turned into 10, which turned into 12, which turned into 14, which turned into 16 miles that I ran on Sunday morning. On tap for this weekend is an 18 miler, follwed by the half marathon the weekend after that. I

Which brings me to where I'm torn. Do I really want to run a marathon? Runnign 18 miles the weekend before a half marathon is probably a killer. Spending three hours cleaning out my garage after my run probably didn't help the cause, but I was really hurting getting out of bed the past two mornings. The 16 mile run itself ws great. Ran quicker than planned, didn't truly start feeling pain until the last mile or two. I'm in waaay better shape than I was when I actually ran a marathon 4 years ago. But my next 11 weekends would look like this:

18 miles
Half Marathon
7 miles
16 miles
20 miles
16 miles
7 miles
20 miles
12 miles
8 miles

That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 163 miles and 22 hours of running. And that doesn't include all the weekday miles. Am I crazy? Probably. But damn it felt good to finish that marathon 4 years ago. And to be able to do it about a half hour faster this time would be pretty cool.


Oh great One said...

Sounds like a lot of work. I'm proud of you for sticking with it. I'm pulling for ya Tim!

Christina said...

First off, congratulations on being such a running fool.
Second, I am sending you an email about something you might be interested in, if you hate cancer. If you like cancer, then ignore the email.

egan said...

I say go for it man. More power to you with a kid and all too. I'm learning how hard it is to train and be a parent. Go for it!

Think Frustrated said...

I couldn't tell you (if you're crazy). I just don't think I have the capacity to run 16 miles. I'm sure I do, but can't a person stay in shape doing like 5 miles a day? Is the big long run just for the achievement? I'm not saying it's wrong or weird, but I just don't get it.

Tim said...

O - thanks!

C - If cancer were a football I'd kick it.

E - yeah, it's definitely not easy. Which I think is partially why I'm doing so much now. If and when we have a second one, my 2-3 hour runs will be nixed.

T - I don't get it either. Actually, I find it easier, motivation wise, to do one 16 mile run than it is to do 4 4 mile runs. I hate the whole process of going running, but I love it when I'm actually running. My weekday runs struggle because I'm lazy about the whole process.

Paul said...

careful with the knees. I overdid it with my marathon and ended up in physio for a few months. is it really worth it?

egan said...

Seriously, I admire the fact you can find any time to train. Well done.

K said...

i say GO FOR IT! :-) You are awesome and people who run marathons are amazing to me. I can barely run two blocks!

Maybe add a swim here or there just to losen up and give your knees a break? run in the pool?

Way to go Tim!

K said...
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Leezer said...


I applaud you. I love running, but can't do it much with two kids. When do you find time? Do you run at lunch and, if so, do you go back to work all sweaty? Does Kym let you go after work? I need some suggestions. I think goals are great. I can't stand not having something to work towards.

Tim said...

I go at lunch when it's not too hot, but it's hot all the time. I go after work, and kym is cool with that. I've been doing my long runs on Sundays while she goes to church. She prays at church, I pray I don't die while I'm running.