Thursday, December 13, 2007


OK, So I'm looking for suggestions here. Last year for Christmas I made a video of a bunch of pictures and videos cut together to music for my parents. IT had three song, To Love Somebody (remake of a Janis Joplin song by I'm not sure who, but it was on a cd Melissa sent after Kens was born), Tiny Dancer (remake by Ben Folds), and Santa Claus is Coming To Town by Bruce Springsteen. So, I'm going to make another video for my dad this year, but I'm struggling to come up with songs. They have to be cool, but something my parents can somewhat relate to. As of right now the video has Bright Eye's First Day of My Life and Al Albert's On The Way To Cape May (for beach pics). But I think Bright Eyes is too current and un-relatable to my parents. So, can you think of any cool songs, that could relate to my 60 year old parents, that are good songs to put to pictures of my beautiful daughter. Old songs redone by someone current seemed to be a theme last year. Anyway, I attempted to post the video from last year, but it's too long. Oh well.

PS, Dear everybody except for basically Leezer and naynay, I can't get to from work, so I can't leave comments. I read, but can't comment. Sorry. MAybe my at-home laziness will stop someday and I'll write the awesome comments I think of when I first read from work.


Leezer said...


You'll probably want to stay away from "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails and "Shake That" by Eminem.

Listen to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole; "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by the same dude; "At Last" by Etta James; "Things We've Handed Down" by Marc Cohn. You might also want to surf around in the archives of people like Sting or Sheryl Crow because they do a lot of cover stuff.

Good luck.

Naynayfazz said...

Damn, Leezer wrote songs to stay away from first. I so wanted to tell you to stay away from anything from 2 Live Crew and Paris Hilton.

I was looking on for some ideas. What about something from Tony Bennett? He does a lot of really great standards and the old man can SING. Not sure if you are looking for jazz or rock. Do you prefer one type of musical genre to another?

Melissa said...

It was Eagle Eye Cherry. The first song that came to mind was For the Longest Time by Billy Joel or how about Love You Till the End by The Pogues. Dancing Queen since she loves to dance? Of course, you can always go for Big Booty Hos, that one is always a winner.

Scarlet Hip said...

Oh come on, you have to do "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder.

Scarlet Hip said...

Now I can't stop singing On the Way to Cape May. It's like being in Maloney's again. Only I'm not drunk and it smells better here.

Think Frustrated said...

I love Bright Eyes. I was going to suggest a Shins song, but that's probaby too contemporary, too. How about Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles. You pretty much can't go wrong with that one. Very upbeat. Have your parents heard of The Beatles?

That, or Um-ber-ella-ella-ella by Rhianna because that one gets in your brain and lays eggs.

Tim said...

L - Over the Rainbow is at the end of 50 First Dates, which I just watched 2 weeks ago and thought to put it on the video, but forgot. Thanks!

N - The genre would be cheesy, but not too cheesy.

M - She does kinda have a big booty already...

S - great suggestion there. MY dad loves Stevie.

T - my sister-in-law saved that stupid song as a favorite in my sirius so my song alert beeps every time it's on, which is every 3 minutes. So annoying.

Genevieve said...

i have no song ideas. well- my favourite xmas songs are ones my dean martin, bing crosby, and frank sinatra.
i think you're right about the bright eyes thing. and if conor looks anything now like he has been (huge beard, fat face), then they'll probably get really scared and have nightmares.