Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Personal legend (with a small l)

Leezer wrote a good post about Personal Legends (go read it because this post won't be as good as that) and how they don't necessarily need to be something huge that you do, but they could be something smaller. Something happens where you chose a certain path which will reshape the path you were on.

I didn't hook up with the hottest girl at my college. That's my personal legend. Pretty awesome huh?

And here's my story behind it…. For my first month of college I was set to get completely out of control. I just wanted to get drunk every night and hook up with every girl I met. I was on the path to pathetic. So, I was starting to like one girl in particular, but didn't really want to get into a relationship or anything. After a few weeks of flirting we ended up kissing on a Thursday night. The next night I was at a party and went home with the hottest girl in my college. We got back to her room, and when we got there I said "Uh, I can't do this." and I left. I went back to the party, went home with the other girl, and went home with her every night for the next three and a half years.

We broke up before I graduated, but those three and a half years are really what put me on the straight and narrow. I became a better person, I worked harder than I would have in classes and everything in life. She pushed me to be successful and to get good summer jobs, which got me my job after graduation, which led me to the job I have now, which led me to Kym, which led me to Kenslee.

So, basically I owe everything to not hooking up with the hottest girl in my college. If I would have let my penis talk for me I'd probably be in a gutter somewhere right now. Or maybe I'd be the President. But, I wouldn't want to be that either, so I guess I made the right move.


Leezer said...

I love this story, Tim. It's really touching. And yes, I think you hit the nail on the head (the one on the top of your neck) about what I was getting at in my post. A personal legend isn't about greatness as the world sees greatness.

P.S. What did the hottest girl do when you left? Did she give you the cold shoulder after that? Do you know where she is now?

Oh great One said...

What a sweet story Tim! It's funny how one thing can change the course of your life.

egan said...

I love how you spin this one Tim. Well done. I guess I should read Leezer's or else I might end up in a gutter somewhere.

Chuck said...

What a really good story.

Sometimes I don't like it when my penis talks. Especially during late summer, early fall when there are all those pumpkins out in the stores. I'm always like, "Noway Penis. We've been there and done that. Remember we're married now and trying to be somewhat respectable." Yeah, your penis can really lead you in the wrong direction.

Wonder if that's why I've always liked pumpkin pie...

Tim said...

L - So, here's the full story.... Hottest girl in my college lived, literally, right across the hall from my 3.5 year girlfriend. We got back to her room that night and she said "My roommate will be home soon, let's go to your room." But she had to go to the bathroom first (down the hall). So, I sat down at her desk and looked out the door and two nights before that I had left a message on the dry erase board of my soon to be girlfriend. I was drunk when I left the message and it was nothing more than chicken scrath, but as I sat there I know why I left the message... I saw that message and for the 2 minutes hot girl was in the bathroom it stared back at me telling me to just leave. I actually told hot girl the reason I needed to leave and she was cool with it. She never talked to me again after that, but she didn't get pissed or anything that night. I don't know where she is now, but I doubt she's got a better life than me.

O - yep, it really is. There are other things in my life I was thinking of, but this was one of the biggest (and most interesting ((to me))).

E - Spin is the key word there. There are probably 1000 other things that shaped my life, but looking back, I'm spinning this into one of the big ones.

C - My penis has made so many bad decisions for me in life, I figured I'd give it a break for once.

Think Frustrated said...

The hot chick probably got crabs from just bringing dudes back to her dorm room.

You are legend.

I really can't think of one defining moment like that in my formative years because I was pretty much stoned from the time I was 15 all through college. I got straight A's, but I can't remember too many details. Maybe the day I put down the reefer was the day that I started to live out my legend. Maybe this is it! If it is, it's pretty dull.

Anonymous said...

that's a really awesome story, tim. i love it! so sweet, too. :)
you made my day better with your story. thanks!

JQ said...

Good story.

You are a living legend. There is nothing greater than being a good husband, dad, and man.

TF— Put it down?

Think Frustrated said...

JQ - Yep. I haven't smoked in about 2 1/2 years, mostly due to lack of supply. That is to say, if local supply hadn't run low, I might still be getting baked.