Monday, October 20, 2008

And now everything I know about McCan't

Ha! Those Mc jokes rule!

John McCain was a hero, as he was POW in Vietnam. I think a POW is kind of like a GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), except he's not gorgeous, he's just Plain looking. I don't understand what's so heroic about wrestling in a foreign country, but whatever. Something I find odd about this election is how they never talk about how McCain was in jail for like 5 years in the 70s. Mike Tyson was only in jail for 4 years, so I'll go out on a limb and say Tyson will be president in 2096. Just when he's the same age as McCain, which is like 134. I read on the internet that McCain is so old he helped invent houses. And now he has 17. McCain also wants to overturn R v W, H&M, and AT&T. He doesn't understand Economics, Algebra, Calculus, Biology, and he got a C- in Spanish I. While you were reading this McCain just bought 6 more houses and slept with your spouse.


Christina said...

I knew McCain couldn't keep his hands off Andrew. He's just irresistable.

Melissa said...

First of all, any mention of GLOW automatically puts your blog in the running for Most Awesome Blog Ever. Seriously, it's like an easy way into the competition.
Secondly, while I was typing that sentence, John McCain just replaced Sarah Palin with a pineapple. The pineapple has foreign policy experience because it's from a tropical zone.

Oh great One said...

I wondered why CCB wasn't home yet. I can't blame McCain though CCB is hot. I just don't know how to compete with a silver haired old man. What to do. What to do.

Anonymous said...

LOL this made me laugh rather loud. XD

in fact, i'll probably be laughing for a few days.

btw- POW is a "Plain Old Wrestler", right?