Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Next Stop: Jerry Springers Book Club

At lunch today I finished reading The Road. I'd been reading it for about 2 months because it's boring as hell. It reminded me of the Hobbit. A lot of walking and a lot hiding from evil and a lot of nothing happening. I'm disappointed that I didn't like it because it was rated the number one book of the last 25 years by Entertainment Weekly, and it was in Oprah's Book club. I'm disappointed that my intellect doesn't measure up to Oprah's. I wonder if Rachel Ray or Dr. Phil have book clubs?

Over the past few days I've read one two great blogs/blog posts (plus Leezer and Jake have both made returns). They got me wanting to blog again. So, I'm going to make a 30 15 10 5 day (weekday) commitment to writing something. Anything. Even if it's uncomment worthy. I got into blogging because of blogs like those, and my blog was at one point like those. I wonder if I could ever get back to that or if I'm just resigned to updating every few weeks with something boring. Like this.


Melissa said...

My blog writing has declined majorly since the break up. I don't understand it, you think I'd have more of a life now that I'm single. Maybe James was right when he said he was the best thing that ever happened to me...No, we all know the best thing to ever happen to me was beer.

brookem said...

ha, id buy a rachel ray bookclub book. if there was one.

good luck getting back into blogging!

Kristine said...

I thought you couldn't blog anymore from work? If that's no longer an issue, then game on buddy! I'll harass you if you don't do a daily post now.

Chuck said...

Well I'm certainly glad you don't want to be like my blog. That would just make you weird. You should definitely write more. I seem to recall you used to be pretty funny and entertaining.....on occasion....

Leezer said...

Hi Tim:
Thanks for the reference to my blog. I don't know why, but it feels way more difficult now that it's going on three years than when I first started blogging. Maybe blogging is pase (prounounced pa-say. I can't find that little accent dealy).

I can't read a lot of oprah sh** and pulitzer prize winning stuff. Here's a list of books where I couldn't finish two chapters:
Bel Canto
The Road (I read about two pages)
Corelli's Violin
Bridges of Madison County (Not only boring, stooooopid!)
Probably a lot of others I've forgotten.

Basically I like to read MAD Magazine.

Tim said...

M - awww, your blog writing declined majorly long before your breakup. Just kidding. love ya!

b - thanks. 8 hours in. We'll see how it goes.

k - I can blog from work now. And I can get on facebook and myspace. But, I can't get on your blog. Yesterday I could see the segway guy post through reader, but not the pics because your blog is forbidden. It drove me crazy.

c- I'm very glad you're back too, but yours is another one I can't fully get onto from work. I had a great comment all ready about jon favraeu the other gay, but couldn't post it.

l - does MAD have a blog? That would be great.

Genevieve said...

your updates are always awesome!

LOL i'm SO GLAD someone else finds the hobbit incredibly boring.

i've been reading Middlesex for nearly 2 years. it's awesome i just can't read the same book for a long time without needing to shift my focus for a bit. the coolest thing is that you can put the book down for 6 months and when you pick it back up again you totally know what's going on.

Oh great One said...

Yay you're back!

I guess I'm a nerd cuz I enjoyed the Hobbit. I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

brandy said...

Hey thanks for the shout out- that made my day! As for the book situation, sigh. I hate it when a book lets me down. I've started a new trick- if Oprah recommends it, I usually pass on that particular book but look for something by that author. This has served me well and has prevented me from the guilt I get when I realize I'm hating the book I'm reading. (Because if it's a book Oprah loves, there's a very strong chance it's going to bore me to the point where I need to drink heavily before I can keep reading it).

And while I'm in between books, I can always go back and reread "A confederacy of dunces" it's my all time favorite!

K said...

okay, if you blog more regularly, I'll blog more regularly too. how does that sound?

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