Friday, December 05, 2008


Kym and I have been lucky enough to be granted a sitter so we can take a 4 night vacation early next year. Almost every year we go to somewhere in the Caribbean. This year we were thinking about using some Hilton points and getting a free hotel somewhere within in the US. We'd want it to be a relaxing vacation.... which is why we always end up going to the islands. In the spirit of losing our billions in the stock market this year we were thinking of being conservative with the spending. We like skiing, but prefer to be warmer. We're horrible at making decisions, so we'll probably end up paying for an all-inclusive beach trip. Any suggestions?


Christina said...

I say Key West. As close as you can get to being in the Caribbean and still be in the U.S. And it's not expensive, and you can relax on the beach and drink cocktails (that last part's for Kym, since she couldn't drink last year when you went away)!

Melissa said...

Come to Texas! Although, at 45 degrees outside, it's currently freezing. Seriously, the winter should leave Texas alone.

Chuck said...

Sandestin Hilton in Destin, Florida. I save my points up every year and either the wife and I go or the whole family. It's an awesome resort and never too crowded except for the dead of summer.

Janine said...

We were just in Clearwater, FL this past July and it was very nice. Anywhere in Florida would be a nice getaway and not to expensive like what Christina said.

Jootastic said...

Seattle has more to offer than you will know what to do with. And, I will be able to see your hotel room (at the Hilton) from my office window. So, you have that going for you.

Leezer said...


While I appreciate Jootastic's support of our beautiful city (I am a fellow Seattleite), you aren't going to be warm here. Or dry. But you CAN'T beat the music, the bars, and the food. If I were you I'd stick with Key West or Hawaii. Maui. I'm not sure how affordable Maui is from the East Coast, though.

Have you thought of a nice B&B in Allentown??? Heehee

Genevieve said...

Oooo lucky! I dream of one day being able to afford vacations *sigh*

That said, if I were you, I'd totally go to maybe Hawaii. If you're more into hiking, go somewhere in the Rockies. Utah gets really hot in the summer but there can be snow in the mountains as late as May sometimes!

Burfica said...

I live next to the most awesomest lake in the states, and it has a beach. hahahahahaha

egan said...

I'm a little surprised someone would suggest Seattle, but yeah. Seattle is awesome in August. I hear Savannah is pretty nice. Christina can probably hook you up too. I doubt they have any all-inclusive deals though.

How about the Dominican Republic? Go early in the season to avoid the threat of hurricanes.

Christina said...

I actually WAS going to suggest Savannah, but I don't think it's what you're looking for. It's kind of chilly in January. Not chilly like Philadelphia-chilly, but jacket weather.

Hawaii is my favorite place on Earth, but it is hella expensive.

Just don't go to the DR. It's my least favorite place ON EARTH.

Tim said...

c - we looked there, but there's no direct flights, so we'd waste a whole day getting there.

m - I could walk outside for 45 degrees.

c - checked it out. We're looking at feb, and it's a high of 63 there in feb. A little too cold

j - we're considering FL, but a lot of it is not warm enough to be worth it in the winter.

j - I was in Seattle a few years ago for work. Stayed right on the water by the aquarium. I loved it. But, Seattle in February? Probably not so much.

l - we need 10 days to do Hawaii right. That might be a 10 year anniversary thing or something.

G - I think I'd love going to the Rockies.. but with two kids that keep us up half the night, we're looking to just relax.

B - Lake Michigan?

e - Punta Cana is near the top of the list.

c - DR is probably where we'll end up. You hated it, we LOVED it when we went. You also had a sick 9 month old with you, so I imagine that didn't help your experience.

Burfica said...

ewwww no, try Lake Powell, nice and warm and beautiful, lake in the middle of the desert. hehehehe

Oh great One said...

I've got nothing for ya. Considering I'm green with envy you would be better off not listening to me anyway.