Thursday, November 20, 2008

I never questioned the friendships I made until a homeless guy had more Facebook friends than me

In the neighborhood I grew up in there were two homeless guys. I lived in the suburbs, but there were two guys that were always walking around town who very much seemed to be homeless. Art the Artist and Slobbering Bob.

Art the Artist was on the mean side. He never talked to anyone, he smelled really bad and he always had a scowl on his face. He'd hang out at the library and draw and you couldn't sit on the same side of the library as him without gagging from the smell. But, he drew the coolest pictures. Gothic type things with gargoyles and bad ass scary shit.

On the other hand Slobbering Bob was mister outgoing. He always had on a Phillies jacket and a hat back in the day. He'd slobber when he talked and his jacket was covered with it. He'd talk to anyone and everyone. He'd always ask you if you could ride a bike and if you had one he'd ask if he could ride it. He always warned against the dangers of smoking too. I didn't know it, but he apparently loved to help people take down their Christmas decorations. He just walked around town all the time. We lived 20 minutes west of Philly and somehow he was also a permanent fixed at the Jersey shore. No one ever knew how he got there. Some people said he'd walk the 120 miles, others said he'd take a bus. But, everyone knew who he was.

A little over a week ago someone started a Facebook group in his honor. As I write this the group has 454 members with 92 wall posts. Almost all positive. He's still doing the same thing of going back and forth between PA and NJ and being Mr. social.

It kinda makes me wish I were more social.

But not really.


Oh great One said...

That's too funny. I don't have that many friends on facebook. Most of mine are actually family so I don't even know if they count!

egan said...

That's cool. Facebook is funny that way. I've seen Groups created for bloggers turned writers. Wait, I just got an idea.

Alekx said...

wow a blast from the past
saw you posted on Burfica's site

what's facebook?

Burfica said...

oh Tim it was good to see you, and find ya again. Mind if I pop back in once in a while??

Jootastic said...

In an eerily similar concidence, I just posted about Facebook as well. You should read it, I mention you. Not really, but I like when you comment on my posts.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I don't want that many friends.

Scarlet Hip said...

Maybe if you slobbered more, you'd have more friends.

There's a sentence you don't see everyday.

Leezer said...

Hey! There's Egan! Hi Egan! I'm over here!

I think the universe sends us people like Slobbering Bob to remind us to care for one another and look out for each other. That's just my glass half full-position.

I'm too social. And I'm secretly an introvert. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

lol that's too awesome.
but no group for art the artist? aw too bad.