Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top 8 things that me want to be a vampire

Based on the vampire character defintion in HBO's True Blood.

1. Sleep all day
2. Don't have jobs
3. Are good at Wii
4. Drink Blood
5. Can't fly
6. Run fast
7. Watch lots of tv
8. Like chicks


Anonymous said...

if they can't fly, can they at least jump high? i'd want to fly!
i've always wanted to be a vampire, actually. since i was a little kid i thought they were the coolest.
am i creepy or what? ;)

Tim said...

I think they can jump real high, but they've never actually showed it. Vampires are the coolest.

HappyKap said...

They are definitely speedy on that show. To the point of almost teleportation. You don't think being able to "glamour" should make your top 8? :-)

Tim said...

Glamouring would be like number 1, but I was too lazy to explain what glamouring was.

Naynayfazz said...

Tim, you do realize you can do most of those things. I would start with sleeping all day, watching a lot of t.v. and not having a job. Then once your wife leaves you for being a shlep, you can move on to # 8 and then eventually 4. Google "goth clubs" and go from there.

You're welcome.

Tim said...

n - good idea. I think I'll leave work now to go home and sleep.