Saturday, November 01, 2008

World Series Parade

Kym and I


People on buildings



Morons in trees


Cole Hamels and his wife who got naked on Survivor for chocolate

Hamels agains

Shane Victorino

And leave it to my wife to point out two things...

Hamels' wife's ring is so big its practically falling off her finger

And whoever is with her could be Jessica Simpson's twin

All in all, I hate parades. This one, truthfully, wasn't much different. It took 3 hours for the parade to reach us, and they drove by us in 2 minutes. It was cool to be there for the atmosphere, but If I were to go again, the concentration would be on tailgaiting. We were lucky to hit no traffic getting there since there were 2 million (literally) people there, so that made it worth it and I couldn't be any happier about them winning it all.


Oh great One said...

Hey, it's an experience you can add to your list. Right after flying through the trees on a skinny little rope.

Anonymous said...

you 2 are too cute ^_^

i like the picture of 2 morons in the trees. lol

that IS a huge ring. that would drive me nuts!

Chick said...

Gotta love the moron in the tree.

You guys deserved to finally win it this year...& thanks for kicking Tampa Bay's cry baby ass.