Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is it too early?

So, I'm amazed and glad that everyone survived that plane crash, but the list of heroes seems to grow by the minute. The pilot, the people holding babies, the people pulling others out of the water, the ferry taxis, the father and son, etc..

I want to hear the stories about the guy who shit his pants then punched an old lady as he tried to get out the door.... but then refused to step out on the wing because I ain't going in that cold ass water. Because that would be me. Right after I rescued 3 babies and a dolphin. Of course.


Felisa said...

I know right! Well if I was the pilot, I also would have done everything in my power to save the plane... after all, I'm IN it.

filmgoerjuan said...

I would *so* be the guy who shit his pants. The old lady could probably beat me up, so I'd be reluctant to punch her first.

Anonymous said...

Lololol. This is why I never watch the news! They just play the same damn stories over and over! Even my Japanese news programs keep talking about it!

I'd be the one pissed about my luggage. I'd be screaming profanities and hey, why didn't he land on the damn road? Forget the cars, I want my damn luggage! >:O

Leezer said...

I wonder how many shi**ers there were on the flight. I guess the pilot went back in twice to see if everyone got out safely. I wonder if someone standing on the wing said, "hey, since you're going back in anyway, would you mind getting my iPod from seat 3G?"