Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's just not worth it

189 - Weight on Dec 31st (after a night of drinking beer and eating wings)
49 - Days since then
45 - Total "workouts" since then
22 - times I've run
86 - miles I've run
10 - times I've lifted
13 - times I've done pushups (since Jan 15)
1489 - total pushups
1500ish - total situps
183 - today's weight
6 - pounds lost

Is all that worth 6 pounds? I don't think so. Could I have run a few more miles? yes. Could I have lifted a few more times? yes. Could I have eaten less pizza and wings and burriitos? no. Could I have drank less than a keg of beer? debatable.

I'm starting to believe this whole exercise thing is a scam. Or maybe I should just finally cut my hair to lose that last 5 pounds.


Felisa said...

You've worked your ass off... 86 miles? That's how much I've run in the past 12 months.
Just cut the hair. If I were to do that, I'd probably lose half my weight.

Oh great One said...

Umm...I wonder what the calorie count on your home brewed beer is?

Genevieve said...

you ran 86 miles?! that's probably how much of run in my entire life! =O

hey, 6lbs is 6lbs. i'd be stoked to lose 6lbs!

Just said...

It's a total scam. Just get a hair cut, and just guess your weight, like I do. Scales are the work of the devil and shouldn't be allowed in the house.

Leezer said...

Six pounds is a lot!! You shouldn't complain. I've been working out about as much as you and haven't lost six pounds.

You should try my new workout. It's a DVD by Tracy Anderson, Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow's trainer. HEe hee!! It's a bunch of dance moves and leg lifts. I've already lost a pants size! I'll bet your wife would crack up watching you, so it might be entertaining for her.