Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who got kicked off American Idol last night?

Have that as a post title and watch the hits!

That jasmine girl that kinda looks like a fish just got kicked off and Ryan made some creepy comments to her off mic.

I don't know who else because I'm still, unfortunately, watching it.

Either that gokey guy will win it all or that girl that has a kid (does every remaining chick have a kid?)

Is it just me or is that emo/goth d-bag the most overrated singer ever?

I am 100% CONSUMED with watching the greatest American hero looking dude do chorography.

What's this judges save shit?


Tim said...

the latin guy got kicked off too, and 15 people have googled this post in the past hour.

Melissa said...

That Jasmine girl looks like a Bratz doll and Jorge couldn't even speak English properly so I'm glad they kicked them off.

Anonymous said...

i can't even remember the last time i watched american idol. i have no clue what you're talking about but i bet you really did bring in the hits!

Anonymous said...

Beechball here, from long, long ago! Randomly checkin' in on the ol' Chloraphil-Boreaphil blog, hehe I just finished watching American Idol (May 13/09) and I am SOO annoyed that Gokey got voted off. I HATE Adam, he sucks and I hate his singing style. I hope Chris wins just to spite Adam. Poor Gokey, he deserves to win.. maybe he'll be huge like Daughtry and have the freedom to do as he pleases as opposed to being stuck to the AI contracts.. haha suckers! Ahhhh, miss reading your blogs, so I've added ya to my fav's.. i'll be checking in more frequently now :) Take Care, still love to read! :)

Lyndsay aka-Beechball