Thursday, June 11, 2009

Puma Complete Vectana Review

I bought a new pair of sneakers today that just hit the market. I got home and googled them and found nothing about them, almost no one even sells them yet, so I figured I'd write a review to help people out.

The Puma Vectana is a blue and grey sneaker. Blueish. And Grey. Grey, or Gray? Or is that Silver? I'm not sure.

As you can see, the Vectana has a webby looking thing in the front, so maybe they were made for spiders? I only got two in my shoebox, so that sucks that spiders would have to buy four pairs of them at $99.99 a pair.

But, wait, I just turned it around, and there's a tiger on the other side. Or, is that a cheetah? Hang on a sec while I google the cheetah girls to see if this is what they look like... nope, that's not a cheetah. Probably a jaguar. Definitely an animal that can run fast, because that's what these sneakers do. When I was little I could always run faster and jump higher when I got new sneakers and the same holds true here. In fact, these should be called Segways, not sneakers because they actually did all the running for me. I put them on, and they just go. I fell asleep halfway through my run tonight and they just kept on going and eventually brought me home. Not to my home because they don't know my neighborhood yet, but they brought me to a home. I can't complain about a sneaker that treats me that well.

But for real, if any runners do find this, I've never done a shoe review, so I wouldn't know where to begin. I've had 5 pairs of Puma Tenos in the past 3 years, so that's what I'm used to. These seem to be more cushioned in the heel, and I feel like there's less room in the toebox. I only ran 2 miles tonight, so I really won't be able to tell how much I like them until I get out for a few more runs.


Melissa said...

I love Pumas, they're the only kind of non-running sneaker I buy. There really wasn't any point to this comment other than I love Pumas. The end.

Tim said...

so do I. I bought a pair of adidas a few months ago for casual sneakers and I felt like a sell out.

ratnaveera said...

I will always love to wear these kind sneaker Pumas which look great!

Felisa said...

This is way better than any shoe review I could've ever written which would sound like:
"These shoes are pretty and cushy. That's all..."

egan said...

Good enough for a first place finish in your age group right? I've never considered Pumas since I've had really good luck with Asics, but maybe I will since they provide the walking on air sensation. I loved getting new shoes as a kid, such a cool feeling.

Leezer said...

when i used to run a lot, i wore the same adidas for miles and miles, bought another pair or two, wore them out, etc. now they don't make them anymore. i think sells discontinued shoes, but other than that site, i'm not sure where to buy shoes you love that are discontinued.

i love your shoe review. it's better than i could have done.

Donna said...

Found your review. Thanks!! I was just googleing pumpa complete vectana this morning. :)

PrincessDipti said...

nice shoes :) plz leave some comments in my page .. it wud be a pleasure.. i love the way u wrote ur stuffs in ur blog.. :)

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