Friday, June 19, 2009

Rush Hour 5K (at SEI, Oaks, Perkiomen Trail)

aka, the best 5K ever. I did my best time ever, got 3rd in my division, and blah blah blah.

Here's the good part. Free beer and food. Bud, bud light, bud light lime. Beamish and Magners Irish Cider. Bluberry Vodka/sprite/lemonade drinks. Buffalo and BBQ wings, pasta, brownies, flank steak, Q-Doba tacos, pizza, more pasta, duck, bruschetta, fruit smoothies, fruit on a stick, cookies on a stick, ice cream.

And I ate and drank it all just to support a good cause. Damn, I'm good person.


Felisa said...

Haha awesome! Congratulations!

How'd you like budlight lime? Everyone I've talked to is obsessed.

Oh great One said...

My facebook page suggested Tim O'Donnell as a friend. I was intrigued I thought it was you. So I clicked it. I was gonna "friend" you but then I wasn't sure if it was really you. The profile pic is an adorable boy that LOOKS like your boy but I was too chicken to click the button. That's why I'm leaving you this message. I'm a dork. I know. Is it you? If so isn't that weird that it would suggest you to me? If it's not you are you gonna prank me and say it is anyway? Then laugh hysterically when I friend some freak I don't know?

Tim said...

It's me. facebook is like a freaky stalker. It knows I work with this one girl and keeps suggesting her even though I've never put in where I work and we have no "friends" in common.

Oh great One said...

After I left you that comment I went back to see if we had friends in common. I thought wouldn't that be weird?! Nadda. However I did see all the people that lived in your neck of the woods as well as your wife so I figured I was safe. HOW DOES IT KNOW?