Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The guy in the office cubical diagonal to me is running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. It makes me feel so fat and lazy. Last August I decided I would train for and run the Philadelphia marathon. With my longest run ever before that being about 5 miles, it was one of the most difficult things I'd ever done. 3+ months of running 4-5 days a week, 15-40 miles a week. This fall the most productive thing I've done has been installing a storm door on my (and my girlfriend's) house. Last fall I would wake up on a Sunday morning and go for a 10-20 mile run before I went and got drunk for the Eagles game. This year, I skip the run and indulge in excessive amounts of beer. When you check one of the things on your "Life's Goals" list off (skydive, check; run a marathon, check), is it supposed to eventually make you feel lazy and bored? I should revise my list to include things that actually do make you lazy and fat. Eat an entire xtra-large pizza in one sitting. Participate in a hot dog eating contest. Sleep for 24 straight hours. Spend one weekend without getting off the sofa for any reason other than to use the toilet.

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The Pink Kitty said...

I think everyone should have a "lazy to-do" list. Mine would include:
_ Not go to work (can't check that one for today)
_ Nap (check, and at my desk to boot!)
_ Eat (check)
_ Drink beer and hopefully watch the Boston Red Sox win agian
_ Scratch my belly for a whole 5 minutes
_ Eat a Krispe Kreme donut. Do NOT go and get donut, have donut brought to you.

You get the idea. We should compare lazy lists