Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Presents of a 14 month old

Yesterday I worked from home with Kenslee. As I worked in the office she roamed around the house. Every once in a while she would come in the room, hand me something with a big smile on her face and walk away. I collected them all.

1. Sippy cup of water.
2. PAL Token so I can log into work. I lost it and searched for about 15 minutes. I gave up and had to call in to our help desk so I could connect. As soon as I hung up she pulled it out of thin air.
3. Can of Tomato Sauce. Which meant she got into the pantry.
4. Pieces to something that was not completely put together. I have no idea where she got them from or what they're to.
5. Directions on how to put one of her toys together. Again, no clue where she got that.
6. Magnolia DVD. She's got good taste. And she got into the Entertainment Center.
7. Q-Tips. 10 of them. She got into the bathroom cabinets.

I'm thinking of having a Yard Sale with all my treasures.


Think Frustrated said...

My daughter does that. I think she and Kenslee are about the same age (Addy is 26 months or so). She got into the pantry once and grabbed a big ass can of soup, then dropped it on her tiny little toe. Now we keep all canned goods on a higher shelf.

Damn, It Feels Good to be a Father.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

All I get is spit-up.

Melissa said...

I lost a belt, can I borrow Kenslee until she finds it?

Oh great One said...

She's quite the explorer!

Laurie said...

That is too sweet. Just think, you'll never lose the remote. Well at least she won't. ;)

K. said...

Is that the ball popper toy? I love that thing!

Tim said...

T - You'd think we'd have moved all the cans up by now, but we'll just wait until she breaks a toe.

P - and you love every bit of it.

M - ha! She'd totally find that in 2 minutes.

O - Last night she wanted to go exploring from 12am-2:30am. What a joy.

L - every time we misplace the remote we immediately blame her.

k - yeah! She's had it for 2 months now and we didn't put batteries in it so she was just flipping it over to get the balls out. She's amazed with it now that we got batteries.

Leezer said...


That pile looks like the inside of my purse. One day I couldn't figure out why it was so heavy and I discovered, inside, a huge glass jar of Planters peanuts and a wrench. Georgia was two, and was stashing crap everywhere.

Don't you just love this age? Wait till she finds your starburst porn!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute! >_<