Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Names 2.2

Kym and I have narrowed down our baby name choices once again. Please vote for your fav!

we are also open to any more hip pop-cultural names if anyone can think any that could be cooler than these (though that's not likely!).


Leezer said...

David Archuleta, my choice, is the leader. Of course you could name the baby:

(1) Promptly Circumcised O'Donnell;
(2) No Hillary O'Donnell;
(3) Mayonnaise Mustard O'Donnell;
(4) Grandpa Smells-Like-Pee O'Donnell

Tim said...

Maybe if I can get Kym to hold the baby in until late November we can go with Barack O'Bama O'Donnell. (two apostrophes ((I know the real guy isn't Irish)) would TOTALLY screw up computer systems even more than just one does.)

Think Frustrated said...

I don't think Obama has an appostrophe.

Rosie O'Donnell O'Donnell

O. Donnell O'Donnell (lots of punctuation) (also, first name could be Oscar, Oliver, Ovaltine, whatever)

iPod Touch O'Donnell

iDonnell O'Donnell

Optimus Prime O'Donnell

Mac O'Donnell

Donald O. O'Donnell

Badass O'Donnell

The O'Donnell

(I can go on forever.)

Tim said...

oooh, I love iDonnell O'Donnell. He'd be the coolest kid in iclass.

Melissa said...

Slick Rick O'Donnell, duh.

Melissa said...

Slick Rick O'Donnell, duh.

baby names said...

I like the name David Archuleta O'Donnell.

Anonymous said...

i just suggest something with lots of apostrophes randomly placed.

Cruel Shoes said...

O'Doyle O'Donnell could work. O'Doyle Rules!

Sandwich O'Donnell has a nice flair as well. Because everyone loves a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Terence Trent D'arby O D'onnell?

Tim said...

holy shit this poll has me freaked out. Can David Archuleta actually lose???

angie said...

Wouldn't that be "Miles Cyrus O'Donnell"?

Also - my choices

Axl Rose O'Donnell
Don Ronald O'Donnell
Oodles O'Noodles O'Donnell
The Nuge O'Donnell (pronounced Thee, of course)
Tyrone Shoelaces O'Donnell
Oliver Cloezoff O'Donnell

EuroTrippen said...

Bran Gelina O'Donnell
Bono Y Mono O'Donnell
Dr. Phil O'Donnell

You know, role models...