Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two things I hate

1. Thinking I'm cool when I stumble across an amazing song on Sirius only to find out it's a year old and then I feel like that kid in the corner that doesn't take baths and nobody talks to.

2. Not having it on my ipod before I go for a 9 mile run today.


Leezer said...

Don't feel bad. I discovered The Killers last year after all the cool kids were already tired of them. I love this song, BTW.

Download Shiny Toy Guns, "Rainy Monday." You'd like that one. IT's still not over-played yet.

Oh! And I heard there's this new band called The Rolling Stones. Their new song, "Start ME Up" would be good to run to. :)

Melissa said...

Yeah!! Get those Austin boys on your iPod STAT!!! I love Spoon! I honestly stalked Britt Daniels (lead singer) all over the Austin Music Awards last month.

JQ said...

I liked that song, who was it, Spoon?

Tim said...

L - Shiny Toy Guns are on Sirius all the time but I don't think I've given them a shot. I'll take a listen.

M - I saw they were from Austin and I searched your blog and you once wrote you had a "chance encounter" with him, but then you never elaborated.

JQ - yeah, Spoon - The Underdog

Genevieve said...

aww spoon= <3

here's a band that i've been listening to for over a year now that's gaining popularity- The Presets. I love them.