Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This weekend I ran the Broad Street Run. 10 miles through Philly. My goal was to do it under 70 minutes (under 7 minutes per mile). I crushed that time by 6 seconds. My original plan was to go out hard for the first 5 miles then try to hang on. I only made up to mile 3 hard, but I was still able to hold on and accomplish my goal.

To note:
It was raining most of the race and not ideal weather, but better than the previous Sunday's 90 degrees.
I'm still sore, and have one black toenail from the pressure of running hard in wet shoes, but mostly ok.
A certain local female weatherwoman who I wrote about 2 years ago (and still get 2-3 daily hits so I won't write her name) also ran the race. I was able to beat her 2 years ago (nevermind she was 6 months pregnant). This year she beat me by 5 minutes and was the 38th fastest female overall.
I finished in 1005th place out of 23,172.
Yesterday I was in 983rd place, but somehow 22 more people beat me a day later.
The governor of PA stands on the street 6 miles in giving high fives and I was 2 feet past him before realizing I missed getting a high five for the 3rd year in a row.
I've run 267 miles so far in 2009. I ran 265 in all of 2008.


Christina said...

Andrew's time wasn't as good as yours, but he DID manage to shake Fast Eddie's hand.

I am 98% sure I saw you run just past the entrance into the Navy Yard. Only because my mother-in-law said "Hey, is that Governor Blagojevich?" haha. I kid.

Tim said...

ha! The blogojevich really suffers in the rain. But, when it's dry out, the wind blown look I get from running really helps to perfect the look.

egan said...

Dude, you're a running stud. That's a lot of miles so far this year. Are you tracking these miles with one of those nifty GPS watches? Congrats again on the very fast time.

Oh great One said...

That's terrific! That's why I always loved running track in H.S. you don't have to beat others in order to reach new goals. You rock!

Felisa said...

That is pretty freaking awesome.
That makes me wanna start running again... I don't even think I can do a mile in under 10 minutes.

Leezer said...

Hi Tim:
I remember when you ran this last year. You should have sabotoged the tv newswoman somehow - maybe stinky farts in her direction or something.

You're freaking awesome. You make me want to run again.