Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bore-a-phil's 2005 in review

I've been doing actual work this mornign, so I didn't think of anything to write. So, I'm stealing Heather's post idea which she stole from someone else.

The first sentence on the first post of each month of the year:

January – “Drink less *” - A new years resolution. The “*” indicated it had already been broken.

February – “As promised, last night I held a peeing contest with my cat.” - I must have been drunk when I wrote that.

March – “I'm Johnny Depp.” - Seriously, I am.

April – “Last night I went online and watched the flash cartoon that kid that just went crazy and killed all those people at his school made.” - Did I get political? No.

May – “I'm such a loser.” - I’m surprised I don’t start every post off with this sentence.

June – “Last night I had my first nightmare about my wedding.” - That post was too long to re-read. I think it had something to do with Titso getting pregnant on our wedding night. Thank God that didn’t…

July – “Titso had the first of her two wedding showers last weekend.” - Wow, I’m boring.

August – “Welp, we moved this weekend.” - Why does anyone read this crap?

September – “I'll tell you what, you do a lot of fucking walking when you go to Italy.” - Please kill me.

October – “Finally saw Wedding Crashers” - Who cares?

November – “It started slow.” - It’s ending even slower.

December – “I haven't done MSPaint in forever (2 weeks), so after reading about Conti’s desire to dunk, I thought I'd share a story and do some MSPainting.” - Redemption!

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