Friday, September 22, 2006

The great Entertainment debate of 2006

Since Softball Slut asked, here's what happened:

Last night we started to empty the entertainment center that is currently in the family room. The plan was to move the old tv, with that, to the basement. As we were pretty much done emptying it, I realized that the ec wouldn't fit around the bend to the basement. So, our options changed:

1. get rid of old entertainment center, buy a new entertainment center for downstairs, buy a second entertainment center, or whatever, for the family room.

2. Leave the old tv/ec upstairs, put the hdtv downstairs. Buy sofas, and an entertainment center for down there (or put it on the wall... still up in the air).

We went with option two. We have a giant finished basement with nothing in it. This will motivate us to furnish it. I will have to watch the philles and eagles in high def while sitting on a folding chair for now, but in about 2 months when downstairs is finished, and I have the full set up, including hdtv, surround sound, bar, foosball table, pool table, ping pong table, olympic sized pool, hot tub, water slide, and indoor track, I will be a very happy man.

Win. Win. Win.


Melissa said...

Am I the only one who envisions poker night in the basement with porn playing on the hdtv in the background? They make porn in hd right? If not, they should!

treespotter said...

there was an article in wired a while ago on the porn industry complaining about HDTV, apparently the better pics make the porn stars look their real age and wrinkles.

still, i'm all in for the poker night.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

And then you will invite me to your house to enjoy the new amenities (minus the track).

Leezer said...

You made a wise decision. We watched the Seahawks in the Superbowl at a house with a finished basement and HD TV, with all the furnishings and accroutements. It was awsome. Plus, now Kym has more room in the upstairs to decorate. And it's all about decorating, my friend. We had a drawing to see who could sit in the recliner with the cup holder. I won. Go Eagles, though, really.

Tim said...

vof - it's pretty much written in ink - Eagles vs. Seahawks for the NFC championship.

Softball Slut said...

I am glad this didnt come down to something worse, really. Can you hang up tacky beer posters from the 80's?

laurzeilei said...

"...apparently the better pics make the porn stars look their real age and wrinkles."

I am laughing so hysterically at Treespotter's comment! Too funny!

Olympic sized pool and an indoor track?! I see neighbors signing up for a monthly membership?

This could be business venture!

Leezer said...

Care to make it interesting? Seahawks by 14, baby!

Just said...

It sounds like you have everything pretty much covered down there - but have you room for a pony?