Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Life is Good.

Eagles won. Redskins lost. Cowboys lost. Giants lost.

My fantasy team is 1-0 with high score for the week (Larry Johnson, Chester Taylor, Terrell Owens, Chris Chambers, Kellen Winslow, John Carney, The Bears, and Hasselbeck [though with the draft being Thursday, I was able to start Charlie Batch for last week]). I’m great.

Work is busy and that’s actually good.

Softball tournament on Saturday.

My birthday is Sunday.

The only thing bringing me down right now is the plans my wife made with Tinapopo for dinner on Friday.


Lulu said...

As a Raiders fan, I can say that I'm happy your season got off to a better start than mine. Sad. Just sad.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Happy extra-early birthday to you! 30 something right?

Tim said...

Lulu - Aaron Brooks is garbage.

pix - 31 to be exact.

miss kendra said...

you love popo. just admit it.

we all do. it's the sixth sign.

TinaPoPo said...

Yeah, that damn Popo. Always getting drunk and hitting on the waiters.

It must be so embarrassing for you.

Conti said...

I'm 0-1 and in last place :(

Hasselback, Cadillac, Roy Williams, Tampa Bay D...ouch.

Tim said...

hasselbeck better get his ass in gear. Hopefully branch helps out.

Lulu said...

Oh, Tim. Don't remind me. Let's send him a poopy diaper. Ugh.

Leezer said...


All I have to say is:



Leezer said...

Oh, and while you and Popo are laughing at all of us bloggers behind our backs, have a shot of Petron for me, oday?