Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My thoughts

OK, so what happened at VTech on Monday was one of the worst things ever. It was probably one of the most despicable acts coordinated by a single human being ever. Here's my list:

1. Hilter killing all the Jews
2. September 11
3. Jonestown massacre
4. Oklahoma bombing
5. VTech killings
6. "Nappy headed ho's"

My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this.

So, here comes my complaint... Can we not remember this by the date? I'm starting to see murmurs of "Remember 4-16-07". Can we not ruin another day of the year by referring to a tragedy simply by the date. I'm sure there are thousands of Americans who were born on September 11th in any year and their birthdays are now ruined. Can we not let this tragedy be known as 4-16? We only have 365 days in a year and 366 on leap years. Can we not have them all referred to by the tragedy that happened that day?

Except February 29th. No one really cares about that day.


Christina said...

If only terrorists and crazed gunmen could plan their killing sprees on leap years. Then we'd only have to be sad every four years.

I think this is along the same lines, but I hate when people refer to 9-1-1 (as in the emergency number) as 9-11. It's so confusing. Who actually says "Oh! Call 9-11!" When the president of VTech was talking on Monday, he kept referring to 9-1-1 as 9-11 and it drove me nuts. It's like Dial-a-National-Tragedy.

Tim said...

c - A LOT of terrorists and crazed gunman read my blog and are probably totally thanking me right now for the advice.

egan said...

Phil, funny you should mention it. My brother's birthday is September 11th.

I'm with both of you on this. Just remember the day as it was. Let's not trivialize it with some slogan.

egan said...

Phil? Clearly I was thinking about the name of your blog and not your name Tim. (bore-a-phil

HappyKap said...

February 29th is its own tragedy.

Laurie said...

Um, my birthday is Feb 29th. Thanks a lot.

Oh and I agree with you. Funny that Columbine happened on 4/20 but that's just another pot smokin day. Can't tarnish that one I guess.

Christina said...

4/20 is also Hitler's birthday. In case anyone was thinking of getting him anything.

Oh great One said...

On behalf of all the ho's we concur.

Leezer said...

4/16/07 was my boss's birthday. Now it is ruined not only by the Vtech tragedy but because I got him that hernia belt.

Conti said...

UH TIM My Mom's Birthday is Feb. 29th. She's a leap year baby and will be furious at you when she reads this.

Melissa said...

I had a resident move-in on September 11th and he showed up late to sign his paperwork and said "Well, it's a pretty ominous day." Yeah, like that's a reason to show up late for an appointment. I'm going to get super pissed when some psycho performs some atrocious act on 11-2, my birthday. Homeboy, or girl, better watch himself. The wrath of Melissa knows no bounds.

miss kendra said...

my sister's bday is 9/11 too.

i think ruining the date is crappy. you are wise tim-o-phil.

naynayfazz said...

I shouldn't be laughing but the comments on here are so funny. All I wanted to do was say I agree with you about not using the date. Leezer's comment almost made me snarf water.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Haha I feel bad for laughing but you put it in such a funny light. I thought about the 9-11/ birthday thing before myself and wondered what people do that day.

You know, I went to school with that kid. He lived down the street from me growing up. Weird, huh? I don't remember him at all but my step dad called me the other day telling me all about it. Huh...

Tim said...

egan - I've been called worse. Actually my 12th grade history teacher called me Ken for an entire year.

hk - Ha! good one. Stupid old feb. 29th.

laurie - yeah, pot's more important than psychos

c - do you think he'd enjoy a nice flower patterned serving tray?

ogo - ha! I didn't know you were the ho's spokeswoman.. spokesho?

leez - I bet the vt killer would have been a lot less angry if he had a hernia belt

conti - please don't let her read this.

mel - yeah, daylight savings is a semi-valid reason to be late based on the date, not 9/11.

mk - I feel for her. Maybe she can change it?

nay - I do got good commenters!

lss - that's crazy. The most news worthy thing that ever happened around my house is air pollution.

Think Frustrated said...

I don't really think the "nappy headed ho's" belongs in company with these. Perhaps the day Anna Nicole died can replace it.