Thursday, April 26, 2007


It finally happened last night as some of you warned. I got chaffed nipples. (Bring on the web search hits!) On Wednesday's I usually run with a guy I work with and we had 10 miles scheduled. It was pouring rain, but we're both too competitive to back down and we did it anyway. Apparently the fomula for chaffed nipples is a wet shirt and 10 miles. They fucking hurt. I can't imagine what it would be like to breast feed out of these babies.

In other disgusting running news I ripped off a toenail last night. I got new sneakers 9 weeks ago and on my second time out with them I over did it on the treadmill and one toenail turned black. About two weeks ago it started to peel away from the base and I could just feel that horrible toenail monster hanging out under there with all his friend drinking mini beers and picking up one-legged hookers. Last night during Lost I decided to just rip it off. mmmmm.... you gotta love running!


Christina said...

Wow, Tim. Are you sure you don't just have leprosy? Because it would seem that you're in pretty bad shape these days. But, that's what exercise gets you.

Laurie said...

So long as you didn't eat it you're good.

Damn I'm in a weird mood today.

Damn Lost didn't tape on my tivo. Grrr.

egan said...

Ha, the ugly toenails thing sucks. I feel you man. Add in soccer and the toenails get even worse.

Oh yeah, the nips thing sucks. Rain, wet t-shirt, and 10+ miles of running is the exact formula for chaffing the nips. I did that last year in a half marathon run. They hurt for about a week. Good luck with that. I hear lanolin does wonders on the nips.

miss kendra said...

my friend did the LA marathon and has lost three toenails thus far. i think there are two black ones left.

Oh great One said...

Just reading the toe nail stuff made me cringe!

Tim said...

C - Exercise really is for suckers.

L - That's what you get for setting American Idol to a higher priority!

E - I couldn't imagine playing soccer with these feet. Right after I ran my marathon I was hobbling around my room and I stubbed my big toe on my bed. It was gone 3 days later.

K - That sounds about right. I lost 5 when I did philly. Plus doing all of philly gave me a bad case of chlymadia.

O - I was a lot more grossed out by it before it started happening to me.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. Chaffed nipples. I don't know why that made me laugh so hard. Probably because I'm so mature.

On the other hand, the toenail thing really grossed me out. Thank god I'm done eating.

Beechball said...

That's hot...

Seriously, I'm totally into that sorta thing.


I lied.

Sorry about your nipples, lol

Leezer said...

Is there a college buddy or ex-girlfriend you could send the toenail to in the mail?

Anonymous said...

Dark marks on the nip parts of women's running tops don't happen through getting excited halfway round the race. Vaseline is your friend.

(Just ask Lance Bass.)

brookelina said...

I'm here for the naked Brad Pitt pictures.

ambs77 said...

knock on wood...i've yet to have any running casualties besides "man calves" (couple of times after long runs, my calves have swollen up and looked like they had softballs in them. YUCK!)
i'm only averaging 12-16 miles per week though. not quite as hard core as you! :-)