Friday, April 06, 2007


Almost 24 hours with a post without commentability. Such torture. Doing that is like pulling all your teeth out before you go the the dentist just to make a joke. Painful and unrewarding. But still amusing.


Anonymous said...

Comment whore.

Oh great One said...

Hey, you did it longer than I could!

Laurie said...

I think your dentist and your psychiatrist should have a long talk.

I had to crack up though because I've always wondered about those who don't have comments allowed. Weird creatures they.

Cruel Shoes said...

Too many things in life are already painful and unrewarding; like watching SNL these days. Why turn off commands and add to the collective hell?? Glad you've got 'em back on.

Julie said...

If you had really wanted to frustrate us completely, you could have turned comments off on all your posts. Then I would have sat there, stewing in my own pissedoffedness. Yeah, that's a word.

Having a blog without comments is like having Lucky Charms without the marshmallows.

Tim said...

kf - agreed.

ogo - it was a rough 21 hours.

laurie - I wonder if I could pull the same joke on a psychiatrist by removing my brain.

cs - For some reason I still tivo SNL ever week and just fast forward through the entire show. I just want it to be good, but it's not.

julie - I love that analogy! perfect.

Leezer said...

I used to read redacted, too. I think reading a blog with no comments is like reading some guy's notebook lying around on a kitchen table. BO-RING. Plus, comments other people make always crack me up. You have funny commenters, and could probably post something that said "Fruit salad" and the comments would still be funny.

ambs77 said...

i kind of agree about turning comments off and even though i don't get quite the kick out of reading dooce ever since john quit his day-job, i still can understand why she turned them off, or at least turns some off after a day. after awhile it just turns into nonsense and uses a lot of bandwidth (or whatever tech talk goes there. you know what i'm tryin' to say.)

on a side note, you are running a ton more than i am and will definitely kick ass! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Haha it made me crack up, though. I made several people go read the post. Glad comments are back. :)