Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't Stop Believing

After my 10 mile race in the begining of May I hit my lazy stride. I cut my running back from 25 miles a week to about 7. I was basically running once a week, 7 miles. After a few weeks of laziness I added another day and got back up to around 10 miles a week. I just find it so hard to run in 90 degree weather and about 217% humidity.

We've been going down the shore for the past three weekends and as much as I love to sit out on the deck and soak in the ocean air with a bottle of wine, I have been getting up and running on the beach or the boardwalk on Saturday mornings. So, I've still been keeping up with my long runs, but I never run fast and I feel completely out of shape.

A few weeks before the 10 miler I looked at upcoming races to try to keep myself motivated over the summer. I eyed up a 5 miler and a 5K, both this past Saturday. I never signed up for either of them and as I finished my second glass of wine on Friday night I told Kym I'd be doing neither. It took a simple "Why? Just do it." and I was convinced. I woke up with the baby at 6:15 and we all packed in the car at 7 and went to run a 5K. Well, I was running, they were watching.

So, I signed up, stretched and lined up at the front of the pack.

And surprisingly, I pretty much stayed there. I had my fastest time ever (20:28 for those that care), finished 15th out of 154, and got a medal for finishing 3rd in the 30-39 age group. I wore it on the beach all weekend and now I have the most awesome 3rd place medal tan you've ever seen.


Oh great One said...

Congratulations! You must not have been as out of shape as you thought!

miss kendra said...

third place medal tan.


(good job timophil!)

Christina said...

Way to go, Tim!! I'm sure the bottle of wine helped, as well.

Laurie said...

That is awesome Tim and you should definitely be proud. I guess not too many Kenyans come to your neck of the woods to run though. Those dudes always take all the top spots in So Cal.

naynayfazz said...

15th out of 154?! Great news Tim! Could you pass some motivation over to me?

Anonymous said...

hurrah! good job!

i think you should post pictures of your bad tan. i always do that in the summer because it amuses me.

egan said...

Fuck man, that's a wicked fast time. I love the impromptu nature of this run. Those sometimes turn out to be the best because you don't have time to stress. Kudos on the medal stud!

brookelina said...

That's great! Good thing you didn't tell them you're 22!

I'm down the shore permanently. Ever come up the Atlantic City way?

Tim said...

O - yeah. I'm in no shape to do 10, but I handled the 5K pretty well.

M - thanks!

C - I read on the internets that wine is the new gatorade.

L - the kenyans win the local marathons around here. In fact, a few years ago, the best female runner in the trained on the same trails I do.

N - I'm sending some your way right now.

G - thanks. No pictures right now.

E - thanks! And I agree. I didn't have any real goals set so I ended up exceeding what my goals would have been.

B - did you look up the results and see a 22 year old won? We could definitely make our way up to AC. Every night we put Kenslee to bed and say to each other "ok, my parents are here to watch her, lets go out! Then we get drunk and pass out at 9:30. But, yeah, we should rope the blogger formerly known as tinapopo into making a daytrip to hang out too.

ambs77 said...

that is awesome! i ran a 5k last weekend, but my time was about 30:00. i had to stop and walk a few times because of the humidity. it really kicked my ass. couldn't believe i had a hard time running a 5k when i had just finished a 10k a few weeks prior! i need to be more diligent with my running, too. hard with the heat.

isn't it the best feeling though to finish a race early saturday morning and have the whole day ahead of you with the feeling that you accomplished something already in the day? i love it!

Paul said...

Just think what your time would have been if you'd run a few weeks ago.

I kind of regret not trying a 5km or a 10km near the end of my marathon training. I'm curious as to what the time would have been. Now I'm trying to muster up the motivation to train for a 20 minute 5 or 40 minute 10, but I'm having problems.

Leezer said...


I can relate. Sometimes I feel so fat and lazy and make myself run, only to run the best ever. Other times I have tons of energy and feel great before the run, then I just lose steam somehow. I don't get it.

Congratulations on getting off your rear, at all! You're a great example for the rest of us slackers. I'm off to eat a gallon of ice cream and watch Arrested Development now.

Cruel Shoes said...

Congratulations! I feel like I want a nap just reading about it.

What boardwalk was this? Was it Ocean City? I miss those damned NJ boardwalks so much I could cry. But that would take much-needed napping energy.

Tim said...

A - humidity is a killer.

P - That was only my 2nd or 3rd 5K ever. Now I really want to do a sub 20.

L - Are you lovin AD?

C - The one and only Ocean City Boardwalk!

Leezer said...

Yes! My favorite line of the first season is when the Dad is in jail and Michael visits him and the Dad says, "Daddy horny Michael. I haven't had sex in a month." Michael: "But Dad, you've been here two months now."

Ha ha.