Thursday, June 28, 2007

Screw AARP, being a Senior sucks.

So, my hangover day started 5 hours after my post when my daughter woke up. We got up and went down to eat. I then logged into work at around 7am and sent an email that I'd be working from home. I got Kens ready for school, took her, then got home and took a nap. Upon waking up I felt 10 times worse than when I was awake the first time. I then sent an email saying I'd be working until noon, then taking the afternoon off. Shortly after logging off for the day I got called and was on a conference call for half the afternoon. Upon hanging up I got called onto another call and sat on that until about 6:30pm. I guess God was punishing me for drinking so much of Satan's sweet nector on a school day.


Leezer said...

The first time you woke up you were still drunk. The second time you woke up your brain cells were diminishing rapidly due to dehydration and mental retardation.

When you took Kenslee to school did you breathe on the other Moms and ask them for a cigarette?

Hangovers suck. The most perplexing thing to me is why, after my first one, I ever let it happen a second time or a thirty fourth time.

Tim said...

You would have thought I was one of those mothers that abandons her baby at the hospital 3 days after it's born. I basically walked into daycare, dropped her and ran home to bed.

Christina said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that while a hangover along is pretty bad, a hangover with a baby is a bazillion times worse. Tim, thank you for preparing me for parenthood.