Friday, July 13, 2007

Blackmail Buster

Did you guys see those racy photos of that total slut Miss New Jersey? I can't believe they're letting her keep her crown after seeing how wild and crazy she is! She's basically a porn star based on those pictures. Heck of a good idea for whoever was blackmailing her.

Her releasing of those photos has inspired me to come forth as well. I know it may effect my position in the blogging world, but I think it's better for me to put them out there rather than have them be released later. This is very difficult for me...

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember this picture:

I claimed it was from donating blood. That was a lie. I'm a total drug addict.

Next up, this picture from when I was 5 years old:

I claimed to have hit my head so I was icing it down. In reality I had a nasty hangover.

I look like an innocent baby here...

But I was really hopped up on vicodin and vodka.

And finally this embarassing one...

Yes, I had no pants on.

I hope my releasing of these does not ruin my blog cred.


genevieve said...

scandalous! you are so brave, oh tim to put those up. i applaud you. -claps-

btw, sorry about wp being a douche. i think i might have fixed whatever was wrong. i'm not sure. i would hate for you to not comment bc wp is a douche. your comments are always inane and hilarious. :D

ps- i still can't get over how adorable your daughter is. i just wanna pinch her little cheeks! eee!

Oh great One said...

THAT'S the Tim we know and love! Booze, Bruises and nudity.

Melissa said...

I'm calling Child Protective Services because you are obviously an unfit parent. Seriously, the no pants thing makes Britney Spears look like Parent of the Universe by comparison.

egan said...

You're dead to me!

Leezer said...


I saw those photos and thought, "hmmm. those aren't so bad. . there's a bunch of photos of me in college pulling my dress over my head and flashing the camera . . no big deal i just won't run for public office . . "

What's the world coming to when you can't do some harmless tequila slammers without everyone getting their panties in a bunch?

P.S. You were a cute kid. Kenslee looks just like you.

Tim said...

Why did the post I published 2 hours ago never show?