Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog worthy weekend

Friday afternoon Kym picked me up and we left for the shore at 4:30. It was the first time in our 5 trips to the shore that we left right after work on Friday. Big mistake. As we sat in dead still traffic 5 miles from my work Kym remembered that she forgot to grab my bag. With traffic dead stopped in the other direction as well our options were this: First, drive the 10 miles - 45 minutes to the next exit of the highway and turn around, which would add about 2 hours to our normal 2 hour drive. Or, I could wear the clothes on my back for the whole weekend. I chose option number two and we continued to the shore.

As I said our normal trip is 2 hours, but we left in the middle of rush hour, so an hour and 45 minutes into the trip we were still in PA. Less than halfway there. I made the executive decision as we were passing by Citizens Bank Park to stop and go try to see the Phillies lose thier 10,000th game. We failed to see the moumental loss as they pulled out the win.

OK, so I wrote the above about 4 hours ago and then got busy.. so I'll recap the rest of the weekend real quick... beach, dinner, beers, drinking games, midnight, bikes, skate park, half pipe, fall, blood, etc.


Melissa said...

No sex? Lame.

Chuck said...

What? No strippers?

What's up with you North Eastern Yankees and the "going to the shore" thing? Down here we call it going to the beach. My ex in-laws from Jersey said the same thing and I never quite understood it.

Leezer said...

Did your clothes get kind of steenkee over the weekend? Did you have to stand them up in the corner when you took them off?