Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How annoying is that Disclaimer?

> But until I'm unlazy enough to move my blog, it's staying.
> I really having nothing to write about today. Less than 5 days until
> I run my marathon. 750 miles run on the year. And that might all be
> wasted because I feel like shit. My former award winning immune
> system, which has lost a step in the past few years, is doing it's
> best to fight off a sickness. I'm trying to do everything I can to
> help fight off the sickness: Drinking lots of water and orange juice,
> taking vitamins, and looking at lots of pron. Let's hope it works out
> for me.
The contents of this message, together with any attachments, are
intended only for the use of the person(s) to which they are
addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged
information. Further, any medical information herein is
confidential and protected by law. It is unlawful for unauthorized
persons to use, review, copy, disclose, or disseminate confidential
medical information. If you are not the intended recipient,
immediately advise the sender and delete this message and any
attachments. Any distribution, or copying of this message, or any
attachment, is prohibited.


Think Frustrated said...

Answer to your question: Very.

Kristine said...

I think it's cute. It looks like our own personal email from you. But orange juice and vitamins, dude?! You need you some wild turkey! That'll cure what ails ya.

Leezer said...


What's pron? Is it like flan?

You need Emergen - C . That powdered stuff that has 1000 mg of vitamin c in a package. You mix it with water and it tastes like Tang (insert your own joke here). Take it 4x a day till you feel better.

JQ said...

Isn't Pron that movie with the space game where you can't touch the other players line least you blow up?

jootastic said...

Dear Tim:

At the end of your message/post in your email type the following: #end

You will have no further problems.



Oh great One said...

Your kidding! You can't get sick now! You've worked so hard! I wish I could give you some miracle cure but it sounds like you've got it covered. Take care and get lots of rest!

JQ said...

So...how did the marathon go?

Were you feeling okay?