Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh, my God!

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says it is the God's honest truth -- he did, indeed, once leg-press a ton when he was almost 73 and had prostate cancer, and he still regularly lifts up to 1,200 pounds with his legs.

Here’s a list of other things Pat Robertson has done that are not mentioned in this article.

- Pat Robertson once swam around the world. Underwater.
- Pat Robertson can throw a football over them mountains. If coach woulda put him in, they’d have been state champions.
- Lance Armstrong is really Pat Robertson wearing a Lance Armstrong mask.
- The part in Forrest Gump where he runs across the United States was based on something Pat Robertson did one time on a bet.
- Pat Robertson’s sweat cures AIDS. He’s just not giving it to them gays.
- You know the Greek mythological character Atlas, who holds the world on his shoulders? Pat Roberson bitch slapped him once.
- In May of 2003 a Nuclear Bomb was accidentally dropped on Arkansas. But, luckily, Pat Robertson flew around the world backwards really fast, like Superman, and time reversed and he was able to prevent the disaster.


Chuck said...

Wow, and you think you know everything there is to know about someone. Actually I do think I heard something about the Arkansas bomb accident, but it was always like a faint memory. I guess now I know why.

With all that leg lifting I sure hope he doesn't strain too hard and pop that prostate right out!

Leezer said...

GOd loves him best.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I thought Chuck Norris was the one who did all those things. Silly me.

Mad Ethel said...


Oh shit, am I going to hell for reading this?

Tim said...

chuck - if you ever get deja vu, now you know why.

vof - damn straight he does.

pix - After I posted this and reread it I thought it did sound very similiar to the chuck norris list. oh well.

mad e - yes. But you were already going to hell.

Melissa said...

I heard Pat Robertson's pee can cure cancer but he doesn't want those damn minorities getting ahold of it so he's been holding his pee for seventy three years.

jackt said...

Number one don't count because he didn't hold his breath the whole time.

Mad Ethel said...


The Other Half said...


Softball Slut said...

Well I cant think of anything witty to say other than interesting.. This guys an ass.

RC said...

i've seen this and this is radiculous...pat is retarded.

--RC of