Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The best hour of my day

Since I don't have much funny to say lately and Monday's school killings happened about 30 minutes from where I live I thought I'd get serious for once.

Last night I got home from the Eagles game and got to sleep around 2am. I took the day off work and basically relaxed all day for a change. I also made it official: now everyone in the world has finally seen Pirates of the Caribbean. Having the day off reminded myself just how much working for a living sucks. We spend half of our waking hours doing shit we most likely don't want to do. One of the only enjoyable things I do during my 8 hours at work is peeking at blogs while looking over my shoulder to see if anyone sees me doing it. So, basically half of our waking hours are dreary.

For the past month the best part of my day has been the part of my day I used to spend sleeping. Up until a month ago I would wake up at 7:30, kiss Kym and Kenslee goodbye as they still slept (while Kym was still home on maternity) and head off to work. A little over a month ago Kenslee's sleeping patterns changed and I no longer need a 7:30 alarm. I have a 6:30 alarm clock made from my own flesh and bones. Now everyday Kym and I have the same schedule. Kenslee starts crying at 6:30. Kym gets up and gets in the shower. I get up and change and feed Kenslee. Being a dad of a 4 month-old is no walk in the park. It has been just as difficult and just as rewarding as I always pictured it would be. Kenslee is fussy a lot, but in general her best time of the day is after a long sleep. Kenslee and I spend about an hour hanging out every morning while Kym showers and gets ready for work. She eats, she smiles, she laughs, she watches Sportscenter with me, she makes faces that make me laugh, she makes waking up an hour earlier than I used to completely worth it. It's the best hour of my day.

Over the weekend Kym and I were talking about the school killings from last week and she said that she just couldn't see it ever happening at the high school Kenslee will eventually go to. And, now with it happening in an Amish school a few towns over, it's obvious it could happen anywhere. As a new dad, it pains me to think of what it must be like for the victim's families. I couldn't imagine waking up at 7:30 again.


Leezer said...

Hi Timophil:

First of all, contratulations on the Eagles. They did good.

Second, I agree with you about the school killings. I work with police officers and today I was talking to one of them who has two daughters - one my daughters age. I asked him how far away are we from having cops in the classrooms - or nearby. My daughter goes to public school in Seattle and it could happen there just as it could happen anywhere. And I wouldn't want to get up in the morning ever again if something happened to her. It's weird how having a kid instantly makes your own life sort of secondary to theirs. I hope there's no more of this stuff in the news.

Just said...

That was a post from the heart - you're lucky Tim, and Kenslee and Kim are lucky to have you too.

Melissa said...

You make me tear up everytime you do a serious post. Damn my hormones!

fuzzymuffin said...

I don't think there's been any school killings in England....well not near me. I don't want to say definately because I'm not too sure. I think it's because luckily it's harder to get hold of a gun over here. It's terrifying to think it actually happens though. I don't think Kenslee will have anything to worry about. These people kill the people who have made their lives miserable and I inagine Kenslee will be one of the very few kids today who is being brought up to respect others.

Think Frustrated said...

Just wait until she's about 15 months (my daughter's age) and she wakes you up by whispering into the baby monitor, "Daddy. Daddy. The Baby. Daddy." Damn cute.

miss kendra said...

i have pms, and therefore am not able to comment on this post, for i fear it might degenerate into a weepy girl mess.

TinaPoPo said...

I don't know if it's because it's so close, or if it's just the senselessness of the violence, but this most recent shooting has really stuck with me. I just think about how terrified those poor kids must have been and it makes me want to cry. The fact that this guy took his own life only makes me more angry, because I feel like that was too quick and painless a death. And I don't normally think like that.

Leezer said...


I know, I know. I don't understand why these evil people who kill others then take their own lives do it that way - why not just kill themselves FIRST and leave others alive? I normally am not an angry person; I try not to be bitter, but this one has me really disturbed.

HappyKap said...

That is one lucky little girl.

Oh great One said...

It is such a horrible situation. I feel for all the families involved. The killer is a bleeping coward first to choose little girls and second to kill himself instead of facing the music. He left his own wife and children holding the bag. What a legacy.

laurzeilei said...

It is so overwhelming to even think about what those families are going through. My heart aches badly for them.

There is nothing at all that even comes close to those moments spent with your children - whether it is 15 minutes, an hour or several hours.

Kenslee is a loved little girl. Be sure and save this journal entry for her to read one day when she thinks daddy is the biggest "meanie" in the world.

Great post.

Beechball * said...

that was beyond sweet. I sure hope that little kenslee knows just how much her daddy loves her because it's sure obvious to the rest of the world! Keep up the good work :)

Lulu said...

I love it.

Tim said...

vof - I'm pretty sure there are cops in some schools in philly... though those don't seem to be the type of schools these things are happening at.

just - thanks

mel - sorry!

fm - unfortunately the recent killings have been sick older men going into schools to molest girls. (and a side note: I apologize for any shit I gave you back when you weren't blogging much. The non-blogging bug has bitten me recently.)

tf - that's just about the most awesome thing ever.

mk - wait, so you commented... did you turn into a mess?

tpp - yeah, I think it's the closeness plus the complete innocence of the Amish makes it all that much worse.

hk - thank you.

ogo - I agree. I makes me sick and angry. The fact that the Amish already forgave them kind of makes me angry too. He doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

laur - part of the reason I've kept the other blog is for her to read when she gets older... I don't know why I posted this here instead of there. Thank you though.

bl - thanks. I try to let her know everyday.

lulu - thanks.