Friday, January 26, 2007

Smack That Ass

I don't mean for this to become a baby blog, but I don't think this one should go on the real baby blog.

Kenslee has basically become a maniac since she learned to crawl. For those of you that have cats, you might have one that will have these sudden spaz attacks. Everything is fine, then all the sudden the cat is running through the house at 100mph. Kenslee does that same thing. She'll be playing then suddenly the urge will strike and she'll crawl as fast as possible and dive head first into whatever she sees. She's crazy. She cries to be held when we ignore her for a long time, but for the most part she's pretty independent. She seems to do things whenever she feels like it. If I try to get her to clap she won't. If I try to get her to say "Da", she won't. If I'm trying to get her to eat byt showing her how I eat, she doesn't care. Right now, she's not one for mimicking. She'll do those things on her own, but I think she takes it as an insult when I want her to mimick me.

Rewind to Wednesday night. Every night before her bath we spend about 20-30 minutes with her playing in just her diaper. She loves her naked time. Her newest favorite thing to do during naked time is to find a laundry basket and empty everything out of it. Wednesday night she was doing this while Kym and I were lying around playing with her when she would get bored with the laundry. Kym was lying on her stomach and Kenslee decided to jump all over Kym's back. While she was dong this I went over and smacked Kym's ass. In what was the first time in 8 months Kenslee saw this and mimicked me. She crawled over and started smacking Kym's ass like it was a drum. So, yeah, I taught my daughter the Smack That Ass.

She loves being naked and she loves smacking ass. I'm raising myself such a good little stripper.


❉ pixie ❉ said...

I think that makes you Father of the Year.

Melissa said...

Dude, that is wrong on so many levels.

TinaBellina said...

Wasn't it Chris Rock who said the one responsibility of a father is to keep his daughter off the pole? Well done, Tim.

Also, my favorite quote from this post: "She cries to be held when we ignore her for a long time." What a baby.

Tim said...

pix - in some circles, I guess it does.

mel - whatev.

tb - I guess I didn't word that so well. Can we change that to "She cries when we're too busy to be bothered by her."

Think Frustrated said...

Kids. My daughter does this stuff, too, but now she's walking and mimicing words. "Oh my goodness" is her current catch phrase. She also takes little pieces of toilet paper off the roll and pretends to dab her eyes while she cries. I'm sure she got that from me. I'm a crybaby. (Really, I have no idea where that came from!)

Way to parent, by the way. I do the same stuff. My daughter has crayons and I'm supposed to watch her while the wife does something else. Later, she draws all over the walls and the coffee table. Guess who gets in trouble? That's right. Me. Not the one scribbling all over everything, but the one who wasn't watching her. Dude, Scrubs was on!

Leezer said...

Kids love any type of fisticuffs. That's why they'll pick Tom and Jerry over Barney any day.

Kenslee is all about the butt.

Brookelina said...
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Brookelina said...

I love my naked time too.

Beechball * said...

haha, way to be Dad! :P I hope she thanks you in her aceptance speech for her first sex film... AH, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, please don't smack MY ass! :P

Softball Slut said...

You should be sooo proud. It is the cuss words that they mimic not the other ones you want her to learn.

Anonymous said...

She cries to be held when we ignore her for a long time
hahaha that is so sad.

Haha your family sounds so entertaining. Almost makes me want to get married and have kids.