Friday, May 18, 2007

Beating Women

Cecily Tynan is a newscaster in Philly. A few years ago, before Alycia Lane hit the airwaves, she was probably condisered the hottest newscaster in the area.

Rewind to my 5 mile race a few weeks ago. There was a girl 10 yards in front of me for most of the race. With about a half mile to go I turned on the jets and passed her. Much to my surprise, while looking at the results, I found out it was the one and only Cecily Tynan that I had passed in the last half mile. I took great pride in that. She was on the cover of Runners World and according to the station she works for "Ms. Tynan is a four-time sub-3 hour marathoner, former world-class professional duathlete and a top ten age group finisher at the 2003 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii." She's so serious about her running that she dumped her husband for her trainer.

I was very proud of myself for beating such an accomplished runner.

Until I was watching the news the other day and noticed she's about 6 months pregnant.


Leezer said...


Wow, I was pretty excited for you until I read that last line. Where does she get off running that far that fast six months preggers?

When I was pregnant my doctor forbade me from allowing my heart rate to go over about 140 bpm. And I was in pretty good shape before and during my pregnancy. I tried to work out then just gave up when I couldn't even break a sweat with that low of a heart rate. Maybe it was because I was like 87 when I finally had a kid.

egan said...

I read that article about her in Runner's World. I wondered why her name sounded familiar. Wow, that takes some guts to run so fast at 6 months pregnant.

Leezer, I've heard the whole 140 heart thing is a very conservative number. So if you're a fit person, you can get the old heart rate up a bit higher. Good for this woman though, wow.

Melissa said...

You know what Timmeh? I wouldn't sweat it, it's still an accomplishment. I mean, women who are preggers are always talking about how they need to be taken seriously and shouldn't be discriminated against because they're carrying a baby so take that into consideration. Just to make her feel like a real equal, I'll let you borrow my time machine and you can push her out of your way as your passing her.

Melissa said...

*You're passing her...
Btw, I totally love baby making women and I know a lot of them read this blog so please don't think I hate you guys.

egan said...

Geez, why does Melissa hate men?

*kidding Melissa. I couldn't resist the urge.

Tim said...

L - my friend who is pregnant ran the 10 miler I did. Though, she didn't do it fast and was only about 12 weeks knocked up.

E - I need to try to find that article to see what it says. I remember looking up her times when she did Ironman and I was highly impressed.

M - You hate everyone. You're an evil hater of everybody.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Hahahaha. I like that she was beating you the whole time until close to the end.

Don't take it too hard. Maybe next time. ^_~

Leezer said...

You are hilarious.


You rock for even getting your father-of-a-one-year-old-cuter-than-hell baby off of the couch!

Christina said...

I think she's five months pregnant. She's due the same time I am. Even so, kudos to her. I think I pulled a muscle reaching for the remote last night, so that's about the extent of my physical activity.

Also, did she marry her trainer & have a baby with him or did she leave her son's father for her trainer? I love local newscaster gossip.

Christina said...

Ah. Husband #2 is father of baby #1. Thank frank for the internets.

Anonymous said...

Alycia was in a shorter race...the one to ruin her career. She is almost finished.