Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I'm normally too lazy to do meme's, but I'm even more lazy to write something else, so I'll do this. Cruel Shoes tagged me.

8 weird things about me

I have brain damage - When I was about 6 years old I was at a basketball game down town. Afterwards I had a foot race with my brother to the car and I ran into a chain link wire that was hanging between two poles. It upended me and I landed on my head. I only got 3 stitches, but I'm fairly certain at least half of my brain leaked out onto the pavement.

I'm a Thanksgiving Nazi - It's not that I particularly enjoy the holiday, I just feel it gets the royal screwover because Christmas season seems to start in mid september these days.

I'm an inventor - My best invention is a tool to convert uppercase letters to lowercase in Word or internets. I haven't actually developed or patented this yet. It's on my Invention To Do list. Along with cars that run on air and the bottomless cup of coffee.

I have six fingers on both hands - We'll, I don't actually have six fingers on both hands, but I know of someone who does.

When I was little I didn't want to be a Policeman or a Fireman or an Astronaut. I wanted to be a blogger. Dreams do come true.

I never make lists of 8. Seven is my limit.

Now I'm supposed to tag 8 other people. The coolest thing I've ever seen with tagging was someone hit the next button and tagged whoever it brought them to. But, I'm much too lazy to go through with that. So, the first 8 people to not comment here are tagged.


jootastic said...

I don't want to do your meme...and now I can't freaking lurk. Thanks a lot Tim.

Paul said...

how do I know if I'm one of the first eight?

Melissa said...

I can't be tagged because I'm too high on painkillers so there, I didn't want to be tagged anyway!

Think Frustrated said...

Someone beat you to one of your inventions.


It's actually real. I saw it on TV, so it must be.

Tim said...

j - HA! in your face!

P - I'll let you know.

M - you druggie

T - Dammit! Next thing you know my invention of a reality show based on a karoke contest where the winner gets a record deal will be taken.

Cruel Shoes said...

Your list made me feel sorry for Thanksgiving. Like I want to invite Thanksgiving over to watch a movie, maybe order a pizza and have a few beers-- talk about stuff; just do some basic bonding.

And also, I wonder if you can get pictures of the six-fingered person because I really love seeing pictures of mutants.

And thank you for playing this happy little meme game. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

So, the first 8 people to not comment here are tagged.
Wow that confuses me.

I think maybe I have brain damage, too.

I'm glad your dreams came true. That's always fun.

Tim said...

C - His name is Antonio Alfonseco. He currently playsfor the Philles. Here's a pic.

G - I think you're safe. Unless you didn't come here and not comment earlier. No, wait. I can't remember now.

Conti said...

hey buddy! I'm glad your dream of becoming a blogger came true!

Leezer said...

You and I have a lot in common. I fell of a bathroom counter at six mos old and that's why I'm a crazy motherf*ck*r. (can a female be one of those?)

I love memes and I especially love bringing every conversation back around to ME at every possibility, and I'm definitely among those who were not the first 8 to comment, so here goes:

1. I sucked on newsprint as a child;
2. At 12, I wanted to be the first female major leage baseball player, although I had no discernible talent;
3. I can wiggle my ears;
4. Sometimes I wear the same exact thing to work two days in a row just to see if anyone notices (I'm a lawyer and to my knowlege am not expected to wear a "uniform" per se).
5. I have major crushes on Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln;
6. I won't eat a meal if it's all beige;
7. I wish I could live in a pod;
8. I think farts are funny. Who doesn't?

naynayfazz said...

Everyone did this meme so far except for me. I better get on it QUICK.