Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm angry at myself because I can't think of anything to write, so I'm going to revisit my New Years Resolutions to give an update on my progresses.

Be cooler. - This was going exactly as planned until yesterday. I accidentally wore heavy corduroy pants and it was 80 degrees outside. I was hot as hell. Not cool at all.

Eat lunch and/or dinner every day.
- Failed. On the evening of February 13th I got sick. I didn't eat lunch or dinner until February 16th. I suck.

Drink liquids. Done! I'm drinking water as we speak, bitches!

Get promotion or get a new job by mid-year. - Don't talk to me about this.

Do fun stuff. - Is running fun? Not really. Umm, how about mowing the lawn? Weeding? Mulching? Shaving?

Shower. - Done! 3 weeks ago!

Get haircut. - Done! 2 weeks ago!

Rent movies. - Done! I rented that one with that guy who does that thing then the other guy does other things too.

Blow nose when full of snot. Or pick. - Picked!

Change diapers when full of poop and/or pee (not mine). - Done! Kens makes it very simple to know when she's in need of a change by squatting down and grunting out her poops.

Be Awesome. - Clearly done.


Melissa said...

The second to the last resolution made me laugh so hard, I started crying.

Tim said...

M - you should have one of these things. They're hilarous.

Leezer said...


Have you experienced the phenomenon in which you're so used to the smell of your child's poop that you don't know the diaper is dirty unless someone else tells you? If so, it's a doubly good thing Kenslee grunts here poops. Speaking of poops, I wondered in your last post if you pooped your pants during your run last weekend. Did you? If so, maybe you could wear one of Kenslee's diapers next time.

You're clearly almost done with your New Year's Resolutions, and it's not even half-way through the year yet!

Tim said...

L - I have not had the pleasure of pooping my pants while running.

Laurie said...

LMAO I should send you the shirt I did let my daughter get. Proud to Be Awesome.

I rather think you'd enjoy that.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Haha damn those pants!

Seems like you're doing well. But I'm curious about the job thing. Oh well, I won't ask. -coughcough-

Kids. Such a... gift.

egan said...

Do pick and eat though? That's what I want to know Tim.

egan said...

It's up Tim.