Monday, September 12, 2005

So romantic it made me puke

I’ve been trying to think of fun or exciting stories from my honeymoon to tell, but I really don’t have any. (Except when Jim Belushi walked into a restaurant we were at) So, I’ll tell you about the night I puked.

I haven’t puked in over a year I think. And I only puked because I did about 20 shots at my brother’s bachelor party. Well, it was the last night of the tour we did on the honeymoon and I got drunk. I hadn’t been drunk at all because we had to wake up between 6 and 6:45 every morning, so I didn’t drink much. I knew it was the last day, so I polished off a bottle of wine by myself. After a Guinness. Then followed that up with three pints of more beer.

Titso and I were in high spirits and although I don’t remember it, I apparently did a dance for her in my underwear. Photographic evidence has been obtained. We were making each other laugh non-stop. We were trying to have sex but we couldn’t stop laughing and making each other laugh. I laughed so hard I threw up. On her. No, not really on her. Just in my mouth, so I ran to the bathroom. I’m sooo romantic.

P.S. Is my laptop just still on vacation, or is blogger eating ass today?

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