Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some people aren't as cool and smart as me. As us.

As you may or may not know, I’m an Eagles season ticket holder. My dad started getting tickets when Veteran’s stadium was built in 1970. I’ve only missed about 2 home games in the past 6 years. This Sunday I will be going to see them bounce back after the dirty play of the Falcons last week. I’ll be heading down to tailgate probably around 9 or 10am. Then I will watch the Eagles dismantle the hapless 49ers. Then I’ll be going to a wedding. One of Titso’s friends is getting married on Sunday. A Sunday during football season. What kind of fucking moron gets married on a Sunday during football season?!?! A gay moron, that’s what kind.

PS. I understand that people turned on the word verification thing to prevent spam comments, but why do they make the friggen letters so hard to read?

PPS ever since I got back every blog takes about 2 minutes to load, blogger comments take about 5 minutes to load, and takes about 10 minutes to load. Every other site is fine and it’s only on my laptop. I’m very annoyed.

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