Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boring Post

A week since my last post already? I look back at my old posts and I'd have 10-12 posts a week. Now I'm lucky if I write one. I wish I could say it's because I've been so busy, but it's really just that I'm lazy and uninteresting.

I actually went through a rare depression this weekend. I've been training to run a 10 mile race in May and this weekend I had a 5K scheduled to see where I was at. But on Friday it snowed and the 5K got cancelled. So, I ended up just going running on the treadmill at the gym and I was tired and running 6 miles on a treadmill just blows. Then I ended up running too fast or something and I felt ill for the rest of the day. An Irishman that can't drink on St. Pattys Day is like.... I guess an Irishman that can't drink on St. Patty's Day is as bad as it gets. Sunday, I didn't feel much better and didn't leave the house all day. Monday morning Kenslee woke up with pink eye and that only added to my downward spiral. I worked a halfday from home and midway through the day things started to pick up when I went outside to throw snowballs at a Stop Sign. I'm dead serious that I had fun doing this. I'm like a 12 year old some most times. I later went for a run and felt very good and my depression lifted more. Before Kenslee went to bed last night she took her first steps and that made life a little more awesome. I'm not 100% sure I can call them her first steps though. She was standing and I held out a stuffed animal and she stepped her right foot towards it. Then she stepped her right foot toward it again, then her right foot again. She looked like she had her left foot nailed to the ground and just walked a half circle. It was funny and awesome and she'll probably be running around the house in a week or two. And today I downloaded Modest Mouse's new cd before I came into work and I'm listening to it now and life is good again. If you've made it this far I'm sorry for boring you.


Laurie said...

Eh, you can bore me any day. Just try to do it more often.

Hope you are feeling all better now.

And WTG Kenslee!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Hmmm...portions of this post seem awfully familiar? Is it a rerun perhaps?

Tim said...

laurie - I really do hate going a long time without writing, but I equally hate writing boring ass stuff like this.

pixie - Is it? My life is soften the same thing over and over, so maybe that's why it sounds familiar. And, why don't you just be quiet and go have your baby!!

K said...

That's awesome about the 10 mile race though! Way to go Tim! :-)

Suckey about being an Irishman that can't drink on St. Pattys Day though.... that's kind of weak ;-)

Christina said...

As an Irishwoman that couldn't drink on St. Patrick's Day, I feel your pain.

Also, I'm glad Modest Mouse has made you feel better. Everytime I hear "Float On" I think about going to the beach and it puts me in a good mood.

Oh great One said...

Good for Kenslee! First steps are so exciting!

Think Frustrated said...

First steps = great.

Also, did you know that Johnny Marr (from the mother-effing SMITHS) joined Modest Mouse? Is the sound any different with him on guitar?

Brookelina said...

I like a guy that lives up to his (blog's) name.

Leezer said...

Maybe you should try civil war re-enactment.

Cookie said...

I was sick on St. Patty's day, too. I managed to drink a glass of wine before bed, but it's not the same as a Guiness.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Please be boring more often.

Haha I love the stories about your daughter. They're so cute.

Ahhh, I love Modest Mouse.

Tim said...

k - yep, now that my competitive swimming days are done, I'm trying to ruin my legs now.

tina - Float On reminds me of playing horsehoes during a backyard bbq. Good times.

ogo - yeah, it was awesome!

tf - Yeah, I did know that. It's not too much different. It's not quite as pop musicish as the last cd, but all thier cd's before thier last weren't very poppy either.

brooke - yeah, I'm thinking of having every post from now on matching my title.

leez - good idea, unless I blew off my arms and then couldn't type anymore.

cookie - two days before st. patty's I was dying for a guiness. So disappointed.

?????? - thanks... sometimes I feel like I shouldn't talk about her here because I have that whole other blog.