Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two questions and an insincere comment

Question: Can anyone tell me how to imbed a youtube clip into a post?

Question: I turned it on at the last minute... what the hell was wrong with that sobbing little girl on American Idol last night? I was embarrassed for her.

Insincere comment: Am I the only one who doesn't feel bad/sorry/happy for the lost boy scout? For some unexplainable reason he reminds me of the runaway bride.


Think Frustrated said...

1. Copy the HTML code from the YouTube site and, when you are posting, click the "edit HTML" tab. Then just paste the code.

2. I know it's not an original thought, but my wife and I joked that she was crying because that little Indian kid was so horrible. "Mommy, please make him stop."

3. That kid was an idiot. He left the troop because none of his "special friends" came on the trip, and he decided to hitchhike home. Who the F hitchhikes these days?

Cookie said...

1. What TF said.

2. Didn't watch it.

3. You are not alone. The kid is a freaking idiot. I wish this story would go away. Not only does Brainy McGenius go hitchiking down the side of a mountain and GET LOST, the first words out of his feeble minded mouth are a demand for peanut butter crackers. What a little jackass.

So, did anyone get an invite from anyone else?

miss kendra said...

1. see above

2. she was crying the whole time. ryan seacrest kept talking to her (which would cause my uncontrollable sobbing for sure) but she seemed to be crying tears of joy or whatever. also, that sunjaya (?) hugged her and she about died on national tv.

3. i don't care either.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

1. Yep, what everyone else said with one little trick. Usually you'll get an unclosed tag warning. If I remember correctly from the last video I embedded, you have to take out the < / embed > code at the end. It's right before the < / object > tag at the end of the line of code in HTML view.

2. Don't watch it.

3. Heard the dog ate his crackers.

Cookie—yes to the invite.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Oh, and not "if I remember correctly". I just totally went into my dashboard, pulled up a video post, compared the code to another off of youtube and got you your answer. I'm so helpful like that.

Leezer said...

F**king A!

Jacob beat me to the same comment I was going to leave! Crap.

About the boy scout. What a F**King baby. (SOrry about the F-bomb all over, Tim. It's been a bad day.) What kid decides to "hitch-hike" home? Also, if I'm the parent, I'm NOT going on national television and telling the whole world what a stupid baby my kid is! That's EXACTLY like the runaway bride! My suggestion:
The County in which the lost boy cost the taxpayers so much money in rescue and law enforcement efforts should be required to WORK OFF THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY by weeding every fricking landscape strip in the entire county. Would serve him right.

Leezer said...

Oh, and BTW: I'll see y'all over YOU KNOW WHERE!!

Conti said...

That little girl on Idol has emotional problems. I know, I know...What chick doesnt? But still. That was odd.

Melissa said...

I missed American Idol because I was too busy reading for school. Damn school. I also haven't been following the news because, again, I'm too busy with school. Seriously, what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

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