Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Re MeMe

Since I recently discovered I have complete musical influence over the internet I figured I'd do the latest meme going around.

ne me quitte pas - Regina Spektor - This could be the most headache/Vomit inducing video on youtube. Whoever designed that set should be hung. But, the Ne Me Quitte Pas pool is shallow.

lollipop - Mika - I'm pretty sure that by putting this on here it makes me at least partially gay.

rehab - Amy Winehouse - There were three Winehouse songs I wanted to put on this, but this the performance from Letterman that Kenslee and I watch together at least once a day. It puts the biggest smile on her face every morning.

alfie - Lily Allen - This song comes on about 45 minutes into my running playlist and always peps me up

dashboard - modest mouse -I'd never seen this video until I just searched for it. It like it. It reminds me of my new favorite tv show, Deadiest Catch.

merry happy - Kate Nash - No explanations here. I just like this song.

jenny owen youngs - Fuck Was I - Pure, unadulterated Perez Hilton referral.


Think Frustrated said...

If you like Regina Spektor, you'd like Immogen Heap. They sound similar, and are both creepy.

Laurie said...

I'd watch but apparently I'd have to download some plug in for the new laptop. Don't know if I'm ready to pop that cherry just yet.

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

hahaha think frustrated. I second that.

I love Lily Allen for some reason. I even bought a ticket to see her in DC and I'm so stoked. I love that song "Smile." It reminds me of some ex- boyfriends.^_^

Christina said...

Lily Allen is fabulous. And I'm with Jacob -- Imogen Heap rocks, too.

Next you'll be telling us what to wear and when to eat.

Naynayfazz said...

I am totally out of the musical loop with these new artists. And I am supposed to be a music fan (insert spitting noise here!)

Melissa said...

Imogen Heap has a weird voice, like a boy trying to sound like a girl but not succeeding.
What's with all the British birds?

egan said...

Tim, is that Regis' co-host in the top clip?