Monday, March 26, 2007

A quick run to Baltimore, now back

Eight weeks ago I printed out a 14 week schedule to train for the Broad Street Run on May 6th. The total mileage on the training plan is 246 miles. In the past 8 weeks I've only missed one run, of 5 miles. Today marks the halfway point. 121 miles down, 120 miles to go. One would assume that when someone runs 121 miles in less than 8 weeks they've probably lost a good deal of weight. In the past 8 weeks I've lost 5 pounds. I lost them all when I got sick and missed that 5 mile run. I never regained all of the 9 pounds I lost when I was sick.

When I ran my first 2 mile run I looked at my schedule ahead and I shook my head and mentally berated myself up for starting something so stupid such as running 246 miles in 14 weeks. Now that I'm halfway there and I'm running 8 and 9 miles at a time, several times a week, I'm feeling better about starting this up. I'm not in too much pain, I feel strong, I feel healthy and I'm looking forward to the next 120 miles. And while I feel great, I'm not losing weight. If you want to feel great, run. If you want to lose weight stick your finger down your throat. I hear bulimia works wonders on the scale.


Laurie said...

You are building muscle man! Good for you anyway. I wish I had more motivation to do anything. Forget running a gagillion miles. Or even bothering to stick my finger down my throat.

Anonymous said...

My husband's training for a marathon and been gaining weight. I guess from the gaining muscle and eating more. I just can't wait to be there at the marathon because I hear people shit themselves and have their nipples bleed. Woohoo! I'll have my camera!

Tim said...

laurie - yeah, you're right, sticking your finger down your throat sounds tiresome.

kristine - I ran a marathon 4 years ago and my nips never bled, but I've heard of that happening to people. I think I'd rather quit then have that happen.

Think Frustrated said...

I think I'm going to run a marathon just so my nipples bleed.

Anonymous said...

Hey good for you with the running goal.

Laurie is right, you're building muscle weight right now.

When I started running last year, nothing came off, then long about 12 to 14 weeks into it (about the time I was ready to give up)my bod just seemed to say "Fine! I'll let some of it go!" and over the next 8 weeks I lost 25lbs.

I guess the trick to running for weight loss is "peak running" where you get your heart rate up, keep it there for a number of minutes then bring it down by walking and then bringing it back up again ... repeat. Anyways, worked for me.

Good luck!!!


PS I can't believe how big Kinslee has gotten, so cute!!!

Chick said... have to have the disipline to do BOTH...when I joined the gym at work...oh yeah...I gained weight alright...& they gave me the same muscle baloney...but hey...I don't want muscle in my I started throwing up all the Twinkies I was scarfing down after the gym.

Good luck with your run...I actually makes you feel great.

Anonymous said...

Did you wear pasties - I mean bandaids - on your nipples do keep them from bleeding? The fun part for me is watching guy runners tear them off.

Beechball said...

Oh no... this isn't encouraging at all! lol I'm just turning into a plug and hoped that as soon as the weather warmed up I'd hit the pavement... guess there's not much point now though... fingers it is! lol ;)

K said...

Good work on the mileage though! That's awesome how far you've come!

Good to know that I'm not really missing a great weight loss opportunity though because I'm not running right now.

Tim said...

tf - if you ran a marathon on a whim I think bleeding nipples would be the least of your worries.

cole - every 3-4 weeks I have "track work" where I do the up and down training. This week should finally be the first time I can do that outside because the weather has been so bad. I'm excited for that.

chick - it's sad to watch those twinkies come back up too.

kristine - nah. It was in the 40s when I ran it so I had on a tight shirt that didn't rub my nipples. Another fun thing you can look forward to is black toenails, or toenails that fall off. I lost 4.

beech - fingers is so much easier. You don't even have to leave the sofa. As long as you don't mind sitting in throw up.

k - looking at the milage is nice, though it's only a fraction of the miles I used to swim back in the day.

egan said...

I hear swimming 246 miles would make you lose the weight. Are you training for a marathon?

julie said...

I wish I had the motivation or even the desire to run. But, I don't. 120 miles is awesome.

Sticking your finger down your throat works. But then again, so do laxatives. Or so I've heard. Pooping isn't really my favorite thing to do.

Tim said...

egan - Right now I'm training for a 10 miler. I'm throwing around the idea of running the philly marathon again. I only trained for about 12 weeks last time I ran it. I'd like to run it well trained.

julie - stop lying. Everyone loves a good poop.

egan said...

Oh, are you shooting for a personal best? That's a lot of training for a ten miler. You're going to rock that run. Marathons do require so much work.

julie said...

A good poop* is one thing. Shooting shit out your ass at breakneck speed is another.

And that, my friend, is not my idea of a fun Saturday night.

*I cannot believe I'm leaving this comment. I have officially lost it.

Leezer said...

Don't wear any shorts on the run. Just wear one of Kenslee's diapers. That'd be awesome!

Conti said...

Have you experienced nipple bleeding, yet? When I run a lot, I tend to bleed from the right nipple.

Wish I was joking.

Melissa said...

James ran a marathon a few years ago and bought nip guards to prevent the bleeding and chaffing. You should really invest in those, it just sounds extremely painful.
I've been on a regular work out regimen for the past two months (which is a total record for me) and I've noticed that right after I do cardio, I crave a lot of beef. It's a good thing I have a boyfriend. Yes, I just totally went there.

Ariel said...

I have run four marathons and never lost a pound. In fact, I usually gain. Because when you're training for a marathon you can eat anything you want, right? RIGHT?????

egan said...

Oh, the dreaded nipple bleeding. Fun times. I've done band-aid™ over the nipples to prevent chaffing and it seemed to help.