Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm a puss

Sunday was my last really long run before I do the Philadelphia Marathon in less than 3 weeks. I ran 21 miles. The second most I've ever done. It was my first run of 16 or more miles where my knees and toes both didn't bother me. Unfortunately the bottom of my feet did. It felt like I was running on just bones. Today I came up with the idea that it's the old punch-in-the-arm to take away the pain theory. My normal pains weren't there, so something else had to hurt. I bet my feet always hurt but the other things hurt more so I didn't feel it.

The theory goes like this. When I was little and someone fell and hurt their leg, the best way to make them forget about their leg pain was to punch them in the arm. Then their leg wouldn't hurt anymore, their arm would. So, I've decided to make a t-shirt to wear when I run the marathon. It will say "Punch me in the face". So, instead of my knees, toes and feet hurting, my face will hurt every time some punches me in the face. Genius!


Chuck said...

I should incorporate this, or something like, this when my seven year old son wakes me up during the middle of the night because his legs are hurting. Like I did last night. Either that or I should punch him, right?

Think Frustrated said...

Good idea. You should at least scrawl that on a white t-shirt with a black marker. Really, you should do it.

Marines and Navy SEALs actually do this. They keep a pin or something to poke themselves with so that if they are tortured, they can re-associate the pain. You're a Navy SEAL.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure it's the most genius plan ever.
hey! have you seen the Nike commercials where there's one cold person and a warm person? wear some Nike clothes and be a good consumer.
(my fave one is the soccer one where the guy starts singing about Earl Grey tea. hilar!)

ariel said...

1. Have you replaced your shoes? Your running shoes can only go about 250 miles. If you're training for a marathon you can't go through the entirety of training plus the marathon in the same shoes.

2. Have you flown anywhere lately? The worst pain in my feet came on a long run where I had recently been on a flight. Evidently this is normal, which is really irrititating since I have to fly to run the Seattle Marathon.

Tim said...

C -Yeah, definitely just punch him.

T - I've always thought of myself being slightly tougher than Navy Seals.

G - Haven't seen that commercial. With 4 tivos, there's not too many commercials I actually watch.

A - I'm on my 4th pair of the year. These ones only have 150 miles on them. I heard the flying thing happens to pregnant women, but it makes sense that it would also happen to swollen marathon feet too.

JQ said...

Running sounds really fun.

Oh great One said...

What a great idea!

Can you tell me why you continue to run so MANY miles if it hurts you? I'm all for being fit but not if it causes my toe nails to fall off and me to beg for people to punch me in the face!

Tim said...

J - I really do love running. I love being outside, fresh air, ipod on, feeling good. Granted 26.2 miles is a bit stupid, but I'll never forget how I felt after I did it the first time. Hopefully this time is just as good.

O - See above. Accomplishing something like a marathon stays with you forever.

Leezer said...

Hi Timathon:

I haven't run a marathon, but I totally get why you love running so much. I'm one of those annoying people who loves to excercise. Anything is fine. I have a back problem now and the doctor made me promise no running, and I can't wait until the P.T. I'm seeing gives me the green light.

Good luck with these upcoming three weeks. Are you going to carbo load the day before? What is your preferred pre-race meal? I'd stay away from shrimp tails and corn nuts.