Friday, October 12, 2007

Today was a Good Day.

Tomorrow morning a project that my group has been working on for about 5 months goes live. It's supposed to eventually save the company something around $500 million. It's crazy. Today was like Christmas Eve. Everybody doing last minute things and basically just anticipating tomorrow. We'll all have coal in our stockings if things go bad, or we'll all have the best GI Joe's and Atari games on the market. (Because that's what was awesome when I used to be like this on Christmas Eve.)

But the best part about today was how much more I fell in love with my daughter. Everyday is more and more, but she was in such a happy mood today that when I dropped her off at daycare I just wanted to go back in and bring her home with me. As I was getting her ready for daycare I was like Chris Rock without the profanity. Every word I said was hilarious to her. She listened to everything I said and just oozed love. It was a great morning. Then after work it was much of the same. Lots of reading books together and just a lot of her being awesome and laughing at my hilarity. She knows a funny dude when she sees him.

Tomorrow at this time I'll probably be on my 14th straight hour of work and hating the world, but today... today was a good day.


Think Frustrated said...

It seems that when your kids get to be the age that our kids are now, they get to be a lot of fun. I heard somewhere that, in the eyes of a child, parents are God. Everything we do is cool, and awesome, and, correct. Good times.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Good days are all that matter in the grand scheme of things. She's the ying to work's yang.

Oh great One said...

What a sweet daddy you are!

Good luck on your project I'm sure you'll get some cool GI Joes (with kung fu grip even)!

Leezer said...

Hi Timaworkathon:

I remember when Georgia was Kenslee's age. These are the years they run to you with their hands up in the air when you come home from work. My parents still talk about those days, when my sister and I were little. Each stage is delightful in its own way. When they learn to express ideas with complete paragraphs it's pretty awesome as well.

Scarlet Hip said...

You make me want to go out and get knocked up.