Friday, May 19, 2006

A failed post

I tried to make a list of things I will be doing this weekend with each thing starting with a letter of the alphabet. But, as it turns out, if we don’t have this baby, then I’ll pretty much be sitting on my ass all weekend trying to get rest while it’s still possible.

I changed the tone of my other blog from Super Sperm to the real baby blog so I wouldn’t talk about baby crap here. But when I sit back and try to think of something to write about all I think about is baby crap. Baby crap, or tv shows. Speaking of which, how great was the season finale of the Office? I wasn’t around last week to talk about it. It was awesome, but is the show now ruined? The inter-office flirting won’t be as interesting if they actually get together, and it will stop if they don’t. Maybe next season will be all about Dwight and Angela.

** Addendum **

I have an unhealthy man-love for Britney's new mustached bodyguard.

Courtesy of Trent


❉ pixie ❉ said...

Plan on resting up, drinking beer, and doing all those "we don't have a baby yet"—if you plan on doing those things, the baby will inevitably come.

I don't know what to think about Pam & Jim. I hope she dumps Roy—but he did already promise Kevin that Scrantonicity could play their wedding.

Tim said...

Kevin would be devastated.

Think Frustrated said...

When you have the baby, you will have more interesting baby crap to talk about. Like green baby crap.

Think Frustrated said...

Oh, and you should have said, "...Britney's new mustachioed bodyguard." It's a rarity when one gets to used the word "mustachioed."

Leezer said...

The Office won't be ruined by Pam and Jim getting together, because they won't. At least for awhile. A Roy-Pam-Jim love triangle will result in the three of them all pissed off at each other, and Pam will be on her own for awhile to explore her art., etc. After some personal growth, she'll realize that Roy is a chimpanzee and that Jim is hung. So she'll end up with Jim and the series will end. But it will take two more seasons. Not that I've given it any thought.

jackt said...

Hey I just found your blog. Hilarious.

The Office. Glad that Americans are finally learning to laugh at funny shows even if there's no laugh track.

fuzzymuffin said...

Do you want me to ruin it for you? In the real office (the British one) Tim (Jim) has a bit of a fling with one of the new girls from the merging of the branches and Dawn (Pam) is really sad about it. That will probably happen. Unless the American one's going to be dragged out for more than two seasons then I don't know.

You should do something that you won't be able to do when you have a baby. Like running around shouting "I DON'T HAVE A BABY!" and you won't be lying.

Tim said...

sarah, I saw all of the british one. It was great. The last episode of this season Jim told Pam he loved her, then they kissed and it ended. It's going at least one more season, so it will definitely be different than the british one.